3KBTC Capital: Pioneering Web3 and Blockchain era

Abu Dhabi, UAE3KBTC Capital is an investment firm dedicated to advancing blockchain and Web3 technologies. Leveraging strategic insight and strong capabilities, 3KBTC Capital focuses on strategic investments in the blockchain sector to accelerate innovation and adoption of blockchain technology and the Web3 ecosystem. By identifying and supporting startups with disruptive potential, it helps them achieve technological breakthroughs and market expansion. As a leading investment fund in the Middle East, 3KBTC Capital not only provides financial support but also leverages its extensive resources and network to offer comprehensive growth assistance to its portfolio companies.

3KBTC Capital was recently established, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, and is committed to identifying excellent projects in the blockchain gaming field worldwide.

3KBTC Capital not only focuses on capital investment but also emphasizes strategic cooperation with its portfolio companies. The firm aims to drive innovation in the Web3 and blockchain sectors, helping them become global leaders in decentralized platforms. In the future, 3KBTC Capital will continue to seek and support Web3 and blockchain projects with significant potential globally, driving sustained progress in this emerging technology field. 3KBTC Capital has already established preliminary cooperation intentions with Web3 gaming platform MonkeyBit, looking forward to jointly promoting innovation in the GameFi sector. Currently, 3KBTC Capital has established initial cooperation intentions with quality blockchain gaming platforms like MonkeyBit, anticipating collaborative efforts to drive innovation in the GameFi field.

3KBTC Capital is gradually becoming a pioneering force in blockchain and Web3 investments. Through investing in high-quality blockchain gaming projects globally, 3KBTC Capital not only aids enterprise growth but also fosters innovation and development in the entire industry.

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