How FortuneCash Converges Crypto Innovation for Lottery Enthusiasts

Emerging at the frontiers of crypto innovation, FortuneCash has been developed by Cashverse to deploy the potential of blockchain technologies in the gambling sector. Cashverse is committed to maintaining a transparent business model and delivering transparent and valuable products. So far, Cashverse has developed multiple initiatives suitable for long-term investments, which do not include any pump-and-dump schemes.

Alongside ADACash and SOLCash, FortuneCash will emerge as one of the innovative central units of the Cashverse ecosystem. FortuneCash is a token wrapped around the chances of winning, allowing you to use this for gambling. Furthermore, FortuneCash is also utilized in the novel lottery system. After assessing the alternatives out there for success, the team behind FortuneCash established that instead of only one weekly draw with one winner, there are now three weekly winners.

In this pursuit, a one-of-a-kind and innovative tokenomics system is provided by FortuneCash. There is a tax of 8% on every single purchase and transaction, which is accumulated, and subsequently, either ADACash or SOLCash may be bought with them, depending on which one is available at the time. After the purchase, the tokens are entered into the relevant lottery, which takes place every week.

It is important to emphasize that FortuneCash is solely the medium of exchange, hence, winners do not get FortuneCash. Instead, they win ADACash and SolCash. In the past, users had to buy BNB, but now instead of buying BNB, they may use FortuneCash. This token is excellent for trading since FortuneCash has a low tax rate, and as a result, it ensures a consistent flow of funds into their two other tokens.

Uncovering the Process & Distribution of the Weekly Lottery:

During the weekly lottery drawings, three winners each get 70% of the total reward fund that was collected. This may be broken down into the following categories. Those who come in first earn 60% of the prize, second place gets 25%, and third place gets 15%. Furthermore, the value of a single lottery ticket will be $15 worth of FortuneCash.

In the subsequent lottery drawing, an additional 20% of the total prize pool will be carried over. Subsequently, the team receives 5% of the total prize money to support their further development and marketing efforts. 5% of the total prize pool is utilized via this process.

Nevertheless, in addition to the weekly lottery draws, FortuneCash wants to provide a growing number of lotteries and, eventually, even their own cryptocurrency casino.

Exploring the Other Pillars of Cashverse

Overall, Cashverse has demonstrated it’s strive for efficiency in the blockchain realm by releasing a suite of viable projects. Cashverse leverages in-depth market research and information for trading cryptocurrencies, they leverage their expertise across numerous marketplaces as well as their understanding of a wide range of initiatives. These are the four focal points of CASHVerse that investors:

  • ADACash distinguishes itself by the fact that each transaction’s proceeds are given as ADA (BEP20) to all holders
  • SOLCash Similarly to ADACash, 10% of the total amount of each transaction is split equally among all holders as SOL (BEP20)
  • Crypt2Date allows investors to keep track of their portfolio across various Blockchains, have access to all of the most recent news on their assets, and do much more.
  • Cashemon is a project that was developed around the BSC. It is a Game where fantastical animals may breed, fight, and earn prizes in area-style conflicts, in addition to a great deal of other content.

    For those willing to invest in this breakthrough initiative, access the following digital channels of FortuneCash:

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