Not Just Another OTC Swap: The Competitive Advantages Of ZeOTC


ZeChat System to negotiate in real time while trading. Users will be able to negotiate Counter Offers and then settle via ZeChat. We think that employing a chat system will also help users save time because they won’t have to wait for the other users to post a Counter before speaking to them.

Users can create both public and private trades on ZeOTC. Private trades will offer a seamless way of trading assets with known individuals. Users will also have the option set expiry for trades. Set an expiry for your trade and remove clutter from your dashboard. Trades will automatically close post expiry.

ZeTeam has produced some ground-breaking work and has placed a large emphasis on creating an intuitive, user-friendly, and highly responsive UI/UX. The team decided that putting more attention on ZeOTC’s UI/UX was important to make sure that trading Over-The-Counter is as easy as counting 1..2..3. This is necessary to dominate the market and educate new users.

If I were to compare trading on ZeOTC to anything, I’d say it’s directly comparable to real-world trading in a private room where two parties sit down, discuss, and settle the deal. That’s how easy, and how true to life it is!

I, along with the entire ZeTeam hope you will enjoy trading using ZeOTC and find it useful.

We are excited for the future and are glad to have YOU onboard. Hold tight and thank you for being a part of this long journey that we have ahead of us.

We create our own destiny.
We are unstoppable.
Resistance is futile.
We are Crypto Renegades.

Join us!

Until next time,

Marketing Director





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