Solana NFT “Guerrillaz” will change the game.

I wanted to elaborate a little bit for anybody that is confused about our vision and what we plan on doing with Guerrillaz. We will be producing a roadmap and posting it in its own channel; however, until then I would like to walk you guys through what we’re doing and why.

Transparency is key

The Faction Store

*Name is subject to change*

This will be our starting utility and will be available straight after the mint has completed. As stated before, you will be able to earn the currency through staking your NFT on our website. The currency will start off with no liquidity, we think this is the best idea as that is not our primary focus right now.

This doesn’t mean that the token is worthless however. There will be items in the store (limited stock) that you can claim with your ‘currency’. These items include (but not limited to): SOL and USDC. Therefore, those of you that would like to build up your tokens and swap them, you have the opportunity to do so through the store until there is a liquidity pool.

Essentially, we want individuals outside of our community to see how effective the store is and FOMO in. Once we have ensured that, we can then start making the token tradeable as there will be demand for the token. OG holders will benefit as those who have saved up their tokens can reap the benefits through the purchase of more expensive items or through swapping the token.

This is something that hasn’t REALLY been done on solana before, and will also help us transition easily onto the next part of our plan.

Ok cool… what’s the next part?

This is where the **actual** fun starts.

We plan on developing Guerrillaz into something that resembles a company.

“The NFTs will essentially act as shares in the company and you guys will be the shareholders”

Remember that?

Why is that good though?

Well, this ensures that our NFT is self sustainable through the bull market or the bear market. You see projects dumping through the bear market as they have no other utility other than a useless token.


How though?

Transforming your orthodox “NFT Project” into something of a larger scale (such as a brand or a company), the floor price is not the only factor taken into consideration when discussing success.

It comes down to how well the company is doing as a whole. “Whether it be through sales on our store, marketing, event ticket sales, investors, royalties etc etc.”

*Remember that aswell?*

Ultimately, we will be creating a project that will be immune to the traditional NFT market cycle.

My business partner and I have the facilities and the knowledge to develop that, we just need the spotlight to prove to people it can be done.

We understand that there’s a lot of empty promises in the NFT world; however, our one motto (aside from take care, brush ya hair) is: under promise and over deliver.

Guerrillaz will change the game. Watch us.

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