USDTATSU Offering High Passive Income than Most, Grab the Opportunity Now!

While trading in cryptocurrencies has always been exciting, investing in tokens and pulling out when the time is right, investors are now looking for safer returns. And it led to the increased demand for projects offering passive income. However, since the need for it arose after the recent market crash, there are not many reliable projects in the space. But that changes with the release of USDTATSU, a project planning to offer top passive income to users.

USDATSU is developed on the Binance Smart Chain and will offer a bunch of utilities, including P2E gaming, Airdrop platform, and NFT collection. Anyone even remotely acquainted with the market dynamics will realize that the three domains have had a tremendous last couple of years, and their demand has grown more than ever. USDTATSU plans to create an ecosystem with advanced protocols, one never seen before, and offer investors a high and stable passive income. The ecosystem is still expanding, and you can expect more functionalities to be added in the coming days.

USDTATSU has developed a rather interesting game where users can fly around with their dragons. Easter eggs found during these expeditions will help players claim free $USDTATSU, and that’s the play-to-earn part. Also, dragons can be made stronger through alien fights or competing against other players on the platform. And the best part, you can use USDTATSU NFTs as skins in the game. So, the NFTs minted from the project’s collection, in addition to being an excellent investment, will also have utility in the game. The game will be released after the NFT collection goes live.

Once these two are available to users, USDTATSU will launch its Airdrop platform. Users can then stake their tokens and receive airdrops from various verified and investment-worthy projects. Staking has become a popular investment choice amongst the community, and USDTATSU will take it to the next level.

About the $USDTATSU token 

While the concept of USDTATSU is bound to create a storm, there’s another reason why investors will throng it. USDTATSU will offer investors 5% rewards in USDT, a stablecoin, from the moment the official token is listed on PanCakeSwap, which will go on till eternity.

The total supply of $USDTATSU is capped at 100,000,000, of which 50% would be reserved for presale and liquidity, 16% locked on PinkSale for game rewards, DEX, and CEX, 4% would be allocated as Team Tokens and locked until 2022.10.01, while another 4% would be deposited in the marketing wallet and optimally utilized to promote the project further. The token allocation has been done considering the market dynamics and the tokenomics of other successful projects in the De-Fi space.

USDTATSU will launch the pre-sale of its native token on September 17, 2022, at 14:00 UTC, and it will be available on PinkSale. The project has already been audited by Analytix Audit, has gotten the contracts verified, and will undergo doxxing after launch to build trust amongst the community and possible investors. So, go ahead and invest in $USDTATSU during the pre-sale while the prices are still low because once the token starts trading on exchanges, the value is expected to shoot through the roof.

To find out more about USDTATSU, visit the official website:

Also, follow the platform on all social media platforms to stay updated with the latest development and releases.



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