Arowana Cryptocurrency Project Continues to Develop NFT Marketplace


On January 5th, 2022, Hancom, a global company pursuing optimized office solutions and office innovation has presented all the businesses they are operating in CES 2022, the world’s largest electronic IT exhibition that was held in Las Vegas. Arowana was one of the businesses that Hancom presented in the exhibition and it draw huge attention from the visitors.

Started as a blockchain-based digital gold exchange in South Korea, Arowana has been on the fast track to success. After seeing the high demand for the project, Arowana expanded its business to provide NFT services.

To develop its NFT service, Arowana has built partnerships with various companies to create NFT products and present them in Arowana NFT Marketplace.

Unlike any other NFT project, Arowana pursuits to create NFTs that could actually be used in real life. For example, Arowana made NFT tickets for the ‘Show Me the Money 10’ concert, a South Korean rap competition TV show, so those who purchase the ticket, can actually go and enjoy the concert and keep the ticket as an NFT form. The ticket has sold out successfully.

Arowana recently completed selling the NFT musical ticket ‘Jack the Ripper’, a representative musical in South Korea, in Arowana NFT Marketplace.

In addition to the NFT Marketplace development, Arowana is also developing its gold-related business as well by implementing a technology called ‘Octasign’ into jewelry.

Octasign is a digital watermarking technology that goes on the surface of jewelry. Consumers can insert their personal stories into the jewelry they purchase.

In 2022, Arowana is planning to allocate more resources in NFT development and also it will continue to develop its other business areas as well as create more use cases of its project token.


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