Bitcoin Cash Developer: Something Severely Wrong With The BCH ABC

In an explosive article published on Medium, an anonymous developer of Bitcoin cash who goes by the name _unwriter claims that there is something very wrong with Bitcoin Cash ABC.

The developer mainly works on two Bitcoin cash infrastructure projects namely BitSocket and BitDB both of which are critical to many Bitcoin cash community outfits. The developer levies severe allegations at the ABC development team as well as and Bitmain.

No Need To Keep Working On The Platform
The developer comes across as a sincere and dedicated individual whose motivation is to develop the Bitcoin protocol. He starts by stating that he has never met any developers in person and for this reason, no one has never influenced him. His primary aim is to “build what Bitcoin needs.” And as a result, be judged “on what he builds.”

The developer chose to go with Bitcoin Cash after last year’s split from Bitcoin core due to blockchain size increase disagreement. At the time he believed the project was continuing in the purest vision of Bitcoin.

However, with the latest developments at the ABC camp, his attitude towards Bitcoin Cash seems to have changed. He feels that Bitcoin SV is currently the team that is following the pure vision of Bitcoin.

The developer gives an example of how in the past people have criticised Bitcoin Cash development for being centralised. However, he states that this is not true at least until the ‘hash war.’

“As of today, no one can deny the reality that the only client that has the ultimate power in Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin ABC. Everyone else has become decimated to the point where they simply function as a “follower client”. ABC doesn’t even need to discuss anything with the other teams. They can simply add new features arbitrarily in a “permission-less” manner, and push it out.”

Also, he mentions other things that are not being done according to protocol. It’s the reason he feels there is no reason to keep developing the Bitcoin ABC platform.

He adds:

“I don’t want to invest my time and resources working on a platform that can easily undermine my ‘permissionless innovation’ anytime. For example, if you happen to build anything that competes with wormhole, expect it to get sidelined in various subtle ways, so subtle that you won’t even realize it until it just hits you in the form of an ABC protocol update.”

The developer shares a video that shows the Bitcoin ABC faction openly celebrating the use of ‘potentially illegal’ checkpoints in the heated race to ‘win the ticker’ or retain the BCH symbol across exchanges.

It’s something that didn’t sit well with billionaire crypto investor Calvin Ayre. He suggested that both chains rename themselves as per trading symbols.

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