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Binance Smart Chain is currently the fastest growing blockchain network in the decentralized space that emerged as a savior for the Defi ecosystem and ERC-20 token traders amid significantly high transaction costs on the Ethereum network. As a result, a majority of the ERC-20 traders have been using BSC to mitigate the transaction cost, and several Defi projects both new and old have added BSC cross-chain support to ensure seamless transactions.

Amid the growing popularity of the BSC network as the go-to trading network, BSCTrades has come up with a comprehensive platform comprising of several tools and services to enhance one trading experience as well as performance. Some of the key features that would enable traders using the platform to make the most would include

  • The addition of the token launch Snipper to enable users and holders of the $BSCTD to stay informed and get into new listings on pancake swap first to enable them to profit maximally. To be able to access this feature users would need to hold a minimum of 5 $BSCTD.
  • The platform has also added the limit order tool to the BSCTrades platform. Users and traders can enjoy the platform as they utilize the limit orders on pancake swap as it is fast, effective, and scalable.

The growing popularity of BSC can also be estimated from the fact that the total value locked on BSC has reached $45 billion against $65 billion on the Ethereum network. For context the defi boom on ETH began in 2020 and by the end of the last year TVL on Ethereum has already breached $45 billion and in comparison, the surge in popularity of BNB began in March this year.

What Makes BSCTrades a Go-To Option For Traders?

BSCTrades platform combines multiple easy to access feature to help traders make the best bet on their next trade, some of the key functions of the platform include,

Monitor: Traders can monitor trading price action with real-time charts on the

Analyze: Trading tools such as lines, indicators are available for effective analysis together with multiple time frames for a better view of price action.

Responsiveness: BSCTrades works on any device: desktops, mobile phones, or tablets. Users can keep tabs with trades on any device available.

Trading bots: Traders can create unique trading bots with their trading strategies to maximize profits.

Watchlist: You can track your favorite cryptocurrencies; the crypto market has over 3000 cryptocurrencies. Make your pick and keep those pairs handy for trades.

User friendly: A user-friendly launchpad for easy navigation by investors and developers with adequate security features for successful IDEOS.

Consultation: Project developers enjoy adequate partnerships with our experienced advisors on marketing, Tokenomics, auditing, KYC, and listing partners.

A phenomenon that has been quite common during the ongoing bull season as well as at the peak of the Defi craze, any new project listed in the Defi space used to gain instant success with millions in liquidity in a matter of days, thus investing in any such new project on BSC network is key to making good profits this bull season. BSCTrade’s offer many such analyzing tools that enable users on the platform to keep track of multiple factors which many might not consider while trading including the listing of new projects on BSC and BSC linked protocols such as Pancake.

BSCTrades is an All-In-One Platform For Every Traders Need

The trading functionalities and tools on BSCTrades does enable traders to enhance their profit margin and trading performance, but the platform also offers a launchpad for new projects  and IDO integrated into the system. It also becomes quite a prominent attraction for investors in different decentralized projects as well. Investors and projects accepted profit extensively from the ecosystem’s services and benefits. BCS Trades is devoted to creating value for all stakeholders, and this commitment manifests through exclusive services and rewards.

Some of the key investor benefits of the platform include an exclusive initial private offering round for every accepted project on BSCTrades and every IDO holder must airdrop 5% of the total BNB raised to $BSCTD token which in turn guarantees that BSCTrades accepted projects undergo strict identity-proofing and auditing requirements. This makes for a safe and profitable ecosystem for both traders and investors.

Traders can make use of the BSCTrades to make the most of their trading experience and gain an upper hand against others with the help of powerful trading tools. On the other hand, investors looking to launch their project on BSC chain can join the network and develop in accordance with the platform’s demand that get all necessary help from the experienced participants to ensure success. The IDO platform helps in generating the necessary fundraising for the project without having the need to leave the platform at all.

BSCTrades make sure that most of the upcoming defi projects looking for a seamless launch and the right audience for trade meet the right target audience to make the most of the opportunity. BSC platform has also become a growing choice looking at the phenomenal growth of the native token which has risen by 13X over the past couple of months owing to growing traction of the BSC network.

Launch of Token Snipper

BSC TRADES will be adding the token launch Snipper to enable users and holders of the $BSCTD stay informed and get into new listings on Pancakeswap first to enable them profit maximally.

For using this feature users need to hold at least 5 $BSCTD. Holding 5 $BSCTD will also give users access to the limit order tool on BSC TRADES platform just like Pancakeswap.

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