Crypto Enthusiasts Are Optimistic Of A $100k Bitcoin Value

The memorable month of December 2017 rings a bell every time someone says something about crypto prices spiking – especially when they mention Bitcoin. A lot of has been said since the bear market subsided just a few months ago, paving the way for what many deem a bullish market.

The intricacies surrounding the crypto market, especially Bitcoin, haven’t lacked tons of optimism dished out by various crypto analysts, fans, and investors alike. The most recent positive vibe comes from an apparently popular crypto fan going by the twitter handle “Bleeding Crypto.” According to this guy, Bitcoin is very much likely to reach $100k in value within a few years.

The Impatient Will Miss Out

Going on, the Twitter user threw a few jabs at people whose impatience pressure them to pull out of the race before they can properly enjoy good returns. According to him, these people are bound to miss out of a very lucrative investment.

At the moment, Bitcoin is trading at around $11,200, putting the projected value at almost 10 times (10X) the current price. That means if this prediction comes true, anyone who holds onto some BTC and is patient enough to wait for a few years will enjoy a cool 1,000% RIO (Return On Investment). Sounds almost crazy, but it could happen – at least in the eyes of Bleeding Crypto.

He’s Not Alone

This user’s prediction mirrors the opinions of a lot of other popular crypto players who have maintained a bullish stance on Bitcoin even when the bears were fiercely on the move through the suffering markets of 2018 and early 2019.

For instance, Tim Draper was, a few months ago, quoted as saying that Bitcoin could reach the highs of $250k in a few years. If the current market vibe plays to Bitcoin’s tune, these predictions might become a reality in the next few years. For now, we can only stay put and see what really happens.

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