Doesn’t it sound unfair when a frequent flyer has to make his booking for an airline without any rewards added to it? Surveys have detected that airlines provide offers, rewards, tokens, and awards in the initial stages but later on they slowly reduce such offers to satisfy travelers. EDOS came into existence with a very beneficial reward program. The reward program shall contribute to satisfying both airlines and the airline travelers as well.

Benefits offered to travelers by EDOS

* Redeeming: As soon as a flyer hears about this program, the first thing that comes to his mind is, for which airline can he redeem his tokens. EDOS provides this superior advantage where the EDOS tokens can be redeemed for any flight which includes both domestic and international as well.

* Blackout period: One more major advantage a flyer can avail by EDOS is that his reward tokens won’t be expired as they do not have a blackout period at all. They can be used for your next trip or can be preserved for future traveling purposes.

* Limitations: If you’re wondering about the restrictions that might be there in EDOS, then you needn’t worry at all. East 2 company’s EDOS tokens can be sold and bought without any stipulations.

* Bonus rewards: By performing action projects, additional reward points will also be added which are popularly known as bonuses.

* Retain value: There is no need to worry about EDOS retaining value as it is non-inflationary due to its limited supply.

* Relevant offering: EDOS certainly provides relevant services and travel products in the ecosystem.

* Time needed: In redeeming reward tokens for flights, much time won’t be needed. This process of redeeming can be done almost immediately and the benefits are awarded.

* Promotion: Clearly, EDOS by EAST2 helps in promoting a superior traveler experience.

Benefits offered to airlines by EDOS

* Increases loyalty: When an airline channel provides reward points and they are actually trustworthy, frequent flyers start becoming loyal towards the airline.

* Recognition: Provision of tokens as reward points shall provide a worthwhile engagement between flyers and the airlines along with recognition.

* Flexibility: EDOS is very flexible in nature which will help in decreasing the liabilities.

* Traveler visibility: EDOS has a system with end-to-end traveler intent and visibility.

* Ability: EDOS provides airlines, the ability to hand over a curated product service and offerings.

* Blackout time– Same like it’s travelers, the airline will have no time-out or expiry travel period.

* Ancillary revenue: EDOS helps airlines in generating brand-new additional and ancillary services.

* Operating cost: EDOS provides airlines, the benefit of reducing operational costs and processes.

So undoubtedly, EDOS by EAST2 is advantageous to both the airlines and travelers with its own unique features. By connecting with EDOS, frequent flyers and airline channels can receive superior offerings. Services provided by EDOS will enhance relationships between airlines and travelers along with developing a sense of trust and loyalty. This entire technology is based on a blockchain ledger that is safe and also ensures privacy. EDOS is sure to increase the satisfaction amongst airlines and their loyal travelers, by providing secured transactions and redeeming of awards. Soon EDOS is going to show up with much more advancements in the existing ecosystem.

Learn more on : https://east2.io/

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