Fandom Korea x PEACEMINUSONE Collab NFT, Archive of PEACEMINUSONE, Sold Out in Minutes.

– G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE & Fandom Korea successfully sells out collab NFT

– Benefits of PEACEMINUSONE NFT holders will soon be released

Fandom Korea, a subsidiary of Flask Co., Ltd. (041590), announced on December 31st that their collaboration NFT with PEACEMINUSONE had sold out. The NFTs were puzzle pieces of Archiver 2016, an original artwork painted by G-Dragon himself with the intention to portray the identity of the PEACEMINUSONE brand.

Fandom Korea, the NFT content company which has helped with the content planning for Archive of PEACEMINUSONE, released the NFT globally and sold a total of 1988 NFTs for the first phase of sales.

An official from Fandom said, “As soon as the open beta service started, orders flocked, and there was so much traffic that there were server congestions and payment delays.” He added that even after the sales ended, there were numerous purchase requests and inquiries about how to purchase the NFTs.

In addition, He explained that “In preparation for second phase of sales, Fandom will improve user experience by supplementing the stability of the servers, payment gateways, etc.”

Despite the collapse of the NFT market, PEACEMINUSONE’s first NFT sale gained great popularity and ended with a successful sale. Within the industry, it was evaluated that the influence of cultural leader, G-Dragon, and his brand PEACEMINUSONE is unbounded. Furthermore, Fandom had also proved their content competitiveness in the global NFT market.

PEACEMINUSONE is famous for selling surprise drops of a limited quantity of products exclusively on their website without disclosure of release dates or their quantity. Likewise, the benefits for the NFT holder of Archive of PEACEMINUSONE will be remain hidden until its surprise disclosure.

An official from JS Ent, an entertainment company which is consulting PEACEMINUSONE, for this project said, “After all NFTs are sold, PEACEMINUSONE and G-Dragon will work together to enhance the value of the NFTs and strengthen communication with the public.

The second round of sales for the Archive of PEACEMINUSONE’ NFT is scheduled for the first weekend of January and can be purchased through the Fandom’s NFT platform. Details related to future sales and plans for the PEACEMINUSONE NFT will be announced through the PEACEMINUSONE Channel in the community that is operated by Fandom Korea.

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