Fastest Blockchain Ever !! MOJAIK

Soft cap reached in 1 hour and 30 minutes from the start of Mojaik mainnet ICO

The Mojaik mainnet ICO, which is known to be the fastest among existing blockchain networks, started on November 1, 2022 at UTC+11.

It reached the soft cap of $500,000 within an hour and a half of launch. Despite the difficult time of the global economy, it is very unusual to succeed in ICO in a short time. Although the block cycle of Mojaik mainnet is only 3 seconds, the confirmation time between nodes is only 9 seconds, so it is said to be the fastest among the public mainnets that can actually be used.

The chief developer explained that the mainnet was developed according to the actual usability, which allows payment in 10 seconds when purchasing goods at the store, and is equipped with technology that does not cause any problems even if 10 billion people use it. Mojaik mainnet’s ICO runs until December 31st, but once the hard cap of $4 million is reached, no further investment will be accepted.

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