The Mojaik Cup World Go Tournament will be held (CEO Jeong Seung-il) announced on the 1st that the ‘2023 Mojaik World Baduk Tournament’ will be held.

A match between Lee Sedol (right) and Kurze. [Photo = Korean Origin]

The specific competition method of the ‘Mojaik World Baduk Tournament’, known as an event competition, is still under discussion.

On the 10th of last month, opened a blockchain that can transmit cryptographic assets in 15 seconds in any network environment, and announced its intention to create a new major world championship in 2023 to commemorate the opening.

Through this competition, will introduce the world’s first smart contract-based Go relay platform competition relay. In addition, viewers plan to launch a viewer participation platform that predicts the match through smart contracts and rewards users with virtual currency for guessing the win or loss.

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