GGCM: Gold Guaranteed Coin Mining

A digitized, contemporary approach to gold accessibility

Natural resources are both the major motivator of human growth and the fuel that drives the economy. However, to benefit society and the environment, resources must be put into a sustainable, eco friendly economic cycle.

Developing countries have become mining goliaths. Their near-constant rise in strength and power is leading them to dominate the mining industry while developing nations are left out. Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the mining industry by allowing people to make their own investments, thereby breaking down barriers between developing and wealthy nations.

GGC will create a whole new investment channel, enabling everyone to participate in mining projects and benefit from the cryptocurrency market and the mining industry’s growth.

The GGCM (Gold Guaranteed Coin) growth rate is ensured by strong mining resources, such as gold and other precious metals, based on this potential.

Gold is an important resource in the international financial sector. Many people value its rarity, resistance to corrosion, and status. It has served as a measure of wealth for thousands of years and is still being used today.

Gold is often recommended as a safe investment for investors who prefer to stay diversified, and many people choose it over local currencies in nations where inflation threatens stability.

Our vision is to create an army of clever and enterprising investors & ensure that each one of our investors will become a natural resource owner in one of the world’s top mining destinations.

GGCM is a new way to own gold — it’s a digital way to store physical gold.

GGCM is making it possible for anybody to own gold by tokenizing it & placing it on the blockchain via decentralized access.

Introducing the Gold Guaranteed Coin : Traditional Gold and Downsides of Holding It

  • The majority of the gold industry relies on manual transactions and processes. The reliance on manual transactions is subject to human error and adds delays to the processing of gold It also negatively impacts market flow, which can impact liquidity.
  • Because gold is such a popular investment, a considerable amount of its value is not instantly available.
  • Investors can avoid burdensome storage costs and other nuisances of physical gold by investing in GGCM.
  • Gold is a finite resource that is not controlled by any single body of authority. Its value is less likely to fluctuate when looked at through the lens of monetary policy. Central banks can’t decrease the value of gold by printing more money than they can do with paper money.

Growth of Crypto Market & Blockchain Advantages

Blockchains are a relatively new addition to the financial sector. However, they are already pushing new types of financial innovation, as well as developing new processes and platforms.

Without the control and participation of third parties, the blockchain-based crypto market allows everyone to make a direct investment and become the genuine owner of one’s money.

Over the past two years, using coins and tokens has gone from ‘too small to care’ to ‘too big to ignore’ for markets, regulators and individuals!

Blockchain and tokenization are revolutionizing the management of assets and trading and altering market structures as well. So that the digital assets are cryptographically secured, meaning they can’t be manipulated with or faked, and they reflect ownership of physical gold to the holder.

Gold or other real-world asset-backed cryptocurrencies may be a good investment for investors who do not want to risk losing money due to market fluctuations or government regulation.

GGCM Utilities

NFT SHARE SYSTEM — We will set a value in USD for 70% of the mining revenue of GGCM, and divide it into a certain number of shares. These shares will be represented as rental-NFTs. Each NFT will have a price as USD and be rented for GGCM. (Will be explained further below)

APPRECIATION OF VALUE — Acquiring a gold-guaranteed cryptocurrency will benefit from the rising price of the token as well as the rising cost of gold.

MINIMIZATION OF RISK — The cryptocurrency market is prone to significant price volatility. Our gold-backed tokens protect you from this risk by protecting the value of your assets from fiat currency volatility.

NO FEES OR CHARGES — No fees or charges will apply to your trades and transfers (The fees and commissions charged by the exchanges will apply depending on the cryptocurrency exchange that you use).

SECURITY — GGCM has all of the relevant licenses and permissions required by Mongolian law for mining ventures.

Rental NFTs: NFT Shares

NFT Shares

We will set a value in USD for 70% of the mining revenue of GGCM, and divide it into a certain number of shares. These shares will be represented as rental-NFTs.

  • Each NFT will have a price in USD and be rented for GGCM.

Rent Periods: There will be 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 month-long rental options for your NFTs.

The Process: Through smart contracts.

The user will keep the GGCM corresponding to the rental fee of the NFT locked on our platform in their wallet.

  • During the rental period of NFT, the user will continue to receive profit corresponding to the NFT/NFTs in their hand from the pool, which consists of 70% of the mining revenues of GGCM.
  • When the rental period ends, the user can either extend the period by making a new rental transaction or get his GGCM tokens back by removing the lock on their wallet.

A fee will be charged to the user at the end of the lock period as a rental service fee. This amount may vary depending on the rental period. The longer the rental period, the lower the service fee. These GGCM tokens collected from the user, will be burned by the team.

A quick illustration: Let’s say 70% of the mining revenue is 100 dollars. We’ll divide this number by 10 and create 10-dollar shares. (10 NFTs) Each NFT will be worth 10 dollars and there will be a corresponding value of GGCM at that time. Let’s think that each GGCM is worth 1 dollar at that time. You will LOCK 10 GGCM in your wallet on the GGCM platform to rent 1 NFT!

Note: Please also note that there will be service fees for renting. It will vary depending on how long you want to rent the NFTs. Therefore we can say that, for the below example, the rent for 1 NFT costs 10 GGCM + service fees.

Profit Deposit: The users can obtain the profit from the pool in GGCM token, USDT or physical gold.

Statistics on Global Mining Projects

  • In 2021, the top 40 multinational mining corporations brought in $652 billion in revenue. The gold mining industry was valued at $214 billion in 2021, and it is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.1 percent over the next five years, reaching $250 billion by 2026.
  • The copper market is predicted to increase at a rate of 4% each year. According to some studies, the market for iron ore will rise from $339 billion to $495 billion, while the market for rare earth metals would rise from $495 billion to $874 billion. In other words, between 2020 and 2026, the global mining sector will grow at an annual rate of 8.4 percent.


Moreover, the twenty-first century was a defining moment in the world economy and mining sector. Climate change caused by global warming demands that nations become far more careful of what and how they consume. This trend includes the use of renewable energy.

The electric car market’s explosive growth, as well as its rechargeable batteries, are at the forefront of this movement. As a result, the mining sector’s balance is shifting dramatically, and shaping the future of certain metals.

Mongolia Mining Statistics

With 1,170 deposits including more than 70 types of mining and mineral products, Mongolia has one of the world’s greatest reserves, accounting for around 80% of total exports and 25% of GDP.

As of December 2021, 30.2 million tons of coal had been extracted as of December 2021. 18.5 million tons of coal, 19.5 tons of gold, and 1.2 million tons of copper concentrates were all exported.

Mongolia has estimated total coal reserves of 173.3 billion tons and contributed half of China’s coking coal imports in 2019.

The GGCM’S Main Mining Projects

— Refer to our blog post for all of the 5 current gold mine projects of the GGCM team.

Mongolia is ranked seventh in the world in terms of mineral resources & launches gold and silver-backed crypto projects by developing new investment avenues in the country’s mining sector.

  • As a result, GGCM can raise investment in Erdene 2, and other mines, hence increasing the value of the GGCM cryptocurrency.
  • Furthermore, up to 70% of all mining profits will be converted into gold guarantees and create an absolute increase in prices.

It is feasible to invest in Mongolian minerals by owning a gold-backed cryptocurrency that is not influenced by inflation.


Total Supply will be 500.000.000.000 and it will be divided by blocks.

A block: 2022–2024–

Other blocks: 2025–2049–475.000.000.000 (95%)

— Private Sale Price: 0.03 USDT

— Pre-Sale Price: 0.04 USDT

— IEO-1: 0.05 USDT

— IEO-2: 0.06 USDT

— IEO-3: 0.07 USDT

Please refer to the Whitepaper for more details on Tokenomics.

  • Tokens of Team & Founders, Advisors, and IT team will be locked for 2 years.
  • The tokens to be offered to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage exchanges are determined according to the anticipated production amount, taking into account the current mining activities.
  • The tokens allocated for the Gold Mining Project will remain locked in the specified wallet for 5 years and will be offered to the market according to the gold produced after the new mining sites become operational.

Technical Background

Instead of granting tokens to the ‘contract owner,’ as typically happens with “pre-mined” tokens, all GGC tokens are initially locked within the smart contract.

BSC and BEP-20 Token

GGCM will run on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is a high-end blockchain infrastructure developed by Binance, a global leader in blockchain technology. Binance Smart Chain was created to accomplish the same goals as Ethereum — namely, the capacity to deploy tokens, smart contracts, and decentralized applications — but much more quickly.

  • While the Ethereum network employs the ERC-20 token format, the BSC blockchain uses its own, unique token format called BEP-20.
  • Tokens based on the BEP-20 architecture can be bought, traded, and transferred for up to 30–100 times less than Ethereum fees.
  • The Binance Smart Chain has considerably lower fees and transaction times than Ethereum.

Risk Information

  • The value of GGCM could be influenced by a number of factors, some of which are beyond the mining project’s control. GGCM’s value may rise or fall, causing token holders to lose money.
  • Potential token holders should evaluate if GGCM is a good investment based on their goals, financial situation, and unique needs and circumstances.
  • Prospective token holders should also analyze and consider the level of risk they are comfortable with, the level of returns they require, as well as the frequency and nature of their transactions.

Before selecting to purchase GGCM, potential token holders should get competent legal and tax guidance in determining their goals and strategy. DYOR.

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