Homerun Brings World’s First Defi Real Estate Investment Token

Home run token

Blockchain is altering the way we transact internationally as the digital economy evolves. The adoption of smart contracts and blockchain technology addresses some of the most pressing issues in the real estate rental business, such as information scarcity, lack of transparency, and, as a result, a lack of confidence between renters, landlords, and investors. A blockchain-based token would not only alleviate the bulk of concerns in the residential rental real estate market, but will also allow people to freely move their crypto and fiat wealth around the world, allowing them to access new residential leases and developments in other nations.

The Homerun Token is the first blockchain-based DeFi Real Estate Investment Token (Blockchain REIT). Users can start to profit from real estate as a passive source of income. The platform uses smart contract’s reflection (tax) feature to fund the real estate portfolio, which allows token holders to receive passive rental revenue by staking their tokens. The platform was established to make it easier for investors to participate in the real estate rental market by allowing them to rent out or develop properties without incurring the high expenditures of acquiring real estate.

For a long time, real estate has been regarded as one of the most reliable stores of value. Its popularity has risen as a result of the fact that land is not only an asset that nearly always rises in value over time, but it is also frequently income-producing, generating additional capital riches for its owners. As a result, the domestic real estate market is large and expanding, and real estate remains one of the most effective ways to accumulate wealth. Furthermore, real estate properties give downside protection in the case of a crypto bear market.

Home Run Integrates Defi Principles and Passive Income in Real Estate

Home Run is bringing Defi principles with equal investment opportunity and passive income via staking rewards to the real estate sector. The ecosystem will run on smart contracts built on Binance Smart Chain Solidity. Token holders who stake their HMRN tokens will receive 50% of the profits from the rental properties and/or developments each quarter, and long term holders who continuously staked their tokens for 10 of the 12 months will receive an additional 80% of the end-of-year profits to be split among staked tokens. This will increase adoption and engagement, propelling the HMRN brand’s growth and popularity even further.

The Homerun platform will use blockchain technology to create a breakthrough way for real estate investors to enter the market without having to overcome many of the restrictions that come with obtaining big quantities of money as a down payment.The platform will do it by generating their own HMRN tokens, which will act as the platform’s coin, and putting in place smart contracts. These tokens will be issued by the Homerun Platform, giving HMRN token holders the option to vote on which properties Homerun and/or its subsidiary firms acquire.

The residential property market is very appealing and offers high ROI for investors, but it remains tough to penetrate due to the fact that there are more renters in the United States presently than at any time in the last 50 years. Home Run aims to  combine blockchain’s secure ledger and the cryptocurrency industry’s rapid growth, and the potential of an already existing real estate industry. The combination will allow consumers to have entry to a new market. diversify their portfolios and minimise risk by having a bigger pool of investment choices.

Home Run Economy

Homerun native token HMRN has two primary functions: + A 6% fee is applied to each transaction, which is split two ways.

  • The 4% fee goes into a community-voted investment pool (wallet) where token holders vote on which properties Homerun should buy next. Homerun’s proprietary wallet/platform will be used for voting. Every wallet address will be able to vote, however no wallet address will ever have more than 30% voting power.
  • The 2% fee is equally divided among all existing Team token holders and unlocked tokens.

HMRN will have a total token supply of 500,000,000, out of which 6% will be used as reflection (tax) and 4% will be put into the real estate fund & other 2% BUSD back to holders Staking will be available to earn rental income dividends. The platform boasts of anti-whale protection and has locked team tokens for 3 years.

Apart from a revolutionary defi real estate product Homerun is also committed towards charity. The platform has created a Charity wallet with 1,000,000 tokens collecting reflection and dividends to be used for charity work such as buying homes for single parents, families in need, veterans, etc. 

The project will invest in real physical property as well as properties in the Metaverse to ensure the token holders get exposure to both the markets.Home Run is also building a blockchain for future projects to be built upon for anything related to real estate, insurance, construction, etc. 

To learn more about Home Run Token visit Homeruntoken.com

Telegram : https://t.me/homerunplatform

Discord : https://discord.com/invite/8PUf3PHX

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/HomerunToken/

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