How this Company Push Your Digital Assets to Grow Faster Safely Through DeFi

Yield farming has fast grown to become one of the most popular income generators in DeFi. Currently the total locked value of liquidity pools in yield farming projects is over $7.5 billion according to CoinMarketCap.

However, despite its ability to generate huge revenue for investors passively, it also comes with the high risk. The technicalities involved with yield farming make it challenging for beginners.

Crypto Firm 3Key Technologies provides a full suite of DeFi portfolio management products that simplifies the DeFi user experience. It streamlines the complexity behind DeFi’s inner intricacies and brings friendlier user experiences to both new and advanced DeFi adopters.

Apart from effectively managing and maximizing clients’ DeFi portfolio, 3Key employs the use of its proprietary AI system, LYRA (Leverage Yield Risk Analytics). With the use of LYRA, 3Key performs round the clock monitoring of different DeFi protocols. This ensures that fund allocation is at its most optimal level and returns maximized. 3Key continues to ensure users can access DeFi investments conveniently and at very minimized risks.

Jacob Caine, Chief Growth Strategist of 3Key Technologies says, “Security and the safety of their assets ranks number one amongst factors to be considered by our users. DeFi is a double-edged sword, but many still choose to jump in with lucrative returns to be earned. 3Key helps to ensure that the complexities of DeFi are simplified for the regular user, offering them an easy gateway to participate in the DeFi space through 3Key’s streamlined approach.”

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