IBCIG: A New All-In-One Crypto Platform For All Your IDO, PreSale and Market Updates

Cryptocurrency market has grown to become one of the primary alternate investment markets after the traditional stocks, securities and bond markets. Crypto market’s biggest selling point is its accessibility and availability as anyone with as little as one dollar can find a way to invest in cryptocurrency. Its comparatively quick to access and quicker execute the first trade than the traditional stock market, its available 24*7 which is another plus point. 

Today, there are over 4,000 crypto tokens currently trading in the market, and even though Bitcoin is a stable long term investment, it has become too big for many to get in. However, most of the new projects getting listed that rise multi-folds often come into public eye when it has made most of its gains. Thus, new crypto investors look for projects which are new with great potential. 

There are hundreds of platforms out there that promise to offer great investment advice or offer a neutral market view. However, a majority of them are either paid shills or don’t know what they are doing. It’s also quite difficult to track all market events on a single platform. Keeping these growing problems in mind, IBCIG has come up with a perfect solution with its all-in-one crypto information and data platform. The crypto-focused platform offers all crypto news updates, IDO updates on hottest projects, pre-sale date and many other insider data in collaboration with some of the most prominent crypto influencers. 

What Makes IBCIG Unique?

IBCIG project has made a name for itself in the crypto market and is considered among the top sources for IDO listing and pre-sales. The platform has a massive 513K followers on Twitter which the project has accumulated over the years due to its trustworthy services. The project manager has several years of experience in the crypto market and has worked with top influencers in the industry to bring the best and most reliable info to the community.

IBCIG is bridging the gap between crypto project and its investors by serving as a one-stop shop, keeping track of the project’s highlighted major events and providing regular updates as the project advances. The project’s top aim is to attract investors to initiatives that have the potential to be successful.

IBCIG operators can execute KOL marketing only via Twitter (with 512K followers internationally) by pushing and shilling the project contents, and boasts of years of experience and understanding in the crypto field, especially in gaming-based projects, the NFT P2E types that have become a rage in recent times. This will allow investors to be more aware of the project, and more traffic will be drawn to it.

The vast experience in monitoring a project from ground up and then helping it rise among the ranks on social media is one of the key services for IBCIG. If a team has a genuine crypto project with a use case that has the potential to make an impact, the IBCIG would make sure it reaches the right people and attracts key investors to flourish further. Many key projects with potential to make an impact often fail to climb the ladder in the crypto ecosystem due to the noise and frequency of new project launches. 

Why IBCIG is Best for IDO Related Services

Investment in crypto projects have risen by multi-folds in 2021, with billions being poured into crypto startups both new and established. However, mainstream crypto investments have been dominated by big crypto exchanges such as FTX and Binance who have a vast ecosystem to fall onto and investors are also sure of betting big because of that. The tricky part comes for the small, new and upcoming projects who could have great potential in the market but lack correct exposure to get into the investors eyes. This is where IBCIG and its experience in the IDO and crypto startup marketing can come  to the rescue of such projects eyeing global eyeballs.

IBCIG is not just another info website with crypto updates and IDO timing details, it’s a whole ecosystem built around the nascent and critical early stage of a project, especially funding. The platform ensures that the project gets the right guidance in its marketing and outreach programs while also helping them raise capital to scale their projects. IBCIG has the resources and the platform to offer that exposure and help potential small startups today to dream of becoming a unicorn tomorrow.

Website : https://www.ibcig.com/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ibcig

Telegram : https://t.me/ibcigIDO

Instagram : ​​https://www.instagram.com/ibcig/

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