IdeaFeX injects newfound flexibility and agility to real-world asset tokenization. IdeaFeX Token ICO is now open.

Financing and investment are crucial for the economy. It is one of those rare cases where everyone benefits if it can be made more efficient. Blockchain startup IdeaFeX leverages asset tokenization, smart contracting, and distribute ledger-based transaction to boost efficiency in financing and investment with real-world assets in a robust fashion. It is now conducting the crowdsale of IdeaFeX Token (IFX).

In brief, IdeaFeX combines e-commerce experience and blockchain solutions for financing and investment. It presents an Amazon-like marketplace integrated to a crypto asset exchange that support new classes of real-world assets, notably exotic assets and product futures, much of which have so far been illiquid and/or indivisible. Examples of these assets include business assets, commercial real estate, infrastructure, collectibles, inventory, and valuable goods, etc.

IdeaFeX focuses on real-world assets that greatly increase the flexibility and democracy in financing and investment. Companies that currently must resort to equity- or debt-based financing will have new choices, while investors that currently cannot access some interesting asset classes will have access. Amazon-like navigation further boosts information disperse and discovery that empowers fundraiser–investor matching.

To further improve efficiency, IdeaFeX introduces an innovative auction method. This method allows virtually unlimited number of investors to bid interactively on pieces of a real-world assets, thanks to fractional ownership. Such a price discovery mechanism is more scalable to large audiences, and the final valuation reflects the supply and demand relationship within the market.

Further, exotic assets and product futures allows for business model innovations: By integrating financing with these real-world assets to a company’s business model, the company protects itself against market uncertainty and cuts down time-to-market. By integrating investment with these real-world assets to a company’s business model, the company benefits from price and supply certainty.

To fund the development and marketing of the IdeaFeX marketplace, the company is currently offering its ERC-20 compliant tokens, IFX, in a crowdsale. IFX has five main features that range from Discount and Referral to Staking and Token Burn. Each IFX is price at 1/2000 ETH. Bonuses are available at different levels to encourage early participation.

IdeaFeX is a company registered in France (SIRET 850 251 844 00013). You can find more about them on their website

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