ITOs or Initial Token Offerings have emerged as a vehicle to sell cryptocurrencies in order to support new blockchain companies. The ITO market has witnessed explosive growth in the last several years with almost $11.8 billion sold in the first half of 2018. $6.2 billion that was sold during 2017.

ITOs, however, have come under intense scrutiny lately. This is due to rogue enterprises taking advantage of ITO participants and proliferating scams. On top of this, for whatever reason, a large percentage of ITOs do not deliver, or are unable to sell enough to launch their products.

In light of this new regulatory scrutiny, blockchain entrepreneurs face a difficult task in ensuring they not only have a minimum viable product (MVP) but are also able to launch a successful ITO; one that is not only functional but also complies fully with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML). In order to help launch ITOs, organizations often reach out to a number of partners, advisors, promotional agencies and subject matter experts. This process is timely, costly, and also opens the doors to the potential for bad actors whose interests do not mirror the client’s.

There does, however, exist an organization that is changing this. Levolution is a revolutionary virtual incubator for utility token offerings. In addition to showcasing ITOs and connecting projects with global sales teams with whom Levolution will develop working relationships, the platform helps entrepreneurs in the areas of service provider procurement, campaign creation, campaign management, and post-ITO execution.

The Levolution Platform will help those hoping to harness the potential of token offerings regardless of experience to create, develop, market, launch, and optimize their project. Levolution aims to safeguard against fraudsters, criminals, and unscrupulous projects. In order to be featured on the Levolution platform, projects will be required to meet KYC, AML and due diligence processes, including providing a legal opinion regarding token utility. The Platform offers ITO creators the ability to create smart contracts and provides a token generation tool. It also facilitates the retention of experienced, reputable service providers for users to choose from. The Levolution Platform will be dedicated to ensuring the long-term success of ITO projects.

With the ITO market anticipated to continue its growth into 2019, we will undoubtedly see Levolution come to the forefront and shape the way businesses interact with and launch their ITOs to help drive their ideas forward.

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