Investing in the Brainpower Coinstore Labs, makes a shining debut in the new era

With the rapid development of the crypto industry, more and more high-quality projects are emerging. A new potential project needs to make its presence in different social media platforms, keep interacting with followers, and demonstrate its value to the public. However, due to the fast-paced characteristics of the crypto community, the unprofessional operation team, and the start-up team’s desire to concentrate more on technology, blockchain startups are facing great pressure in terms of marketing, community operation, and traffic growth.

Numerous innovative projects are under development, but only a few start-up projects can be explored for value. “Swift horses” are usually found in the market but not the same as “talent scouts”. After two years of development, has gradually understood that in the fierce battlefield, only companies that provide customers or users with “value-added products or services” can survive, and Coinstore Labs emerges as the times require.

What is Coinstore Labs?

Coinstore Labs is the venture capital and innovation incubation department of, the world-leading centralized asset trading platform. Coinstore Labs is established to enable the blockchain project team to focus on product R&D. Coinstore Labs assists in investment incubation, marketing, early customer acquisition, community operation and traffic growth, and helps more high-quality projects develop better in marketing and operation. The contents of Coinstore Labs services mainly include professional consulting before the project startup, technical support before the token issuance, and marketing planning after the project goes online.

Coinstore Labs Incubation Docking Flowchart

Why Coinstore Labs?

Independent R&D and Market Orientation – Coinstore Labs has a professional R&D team for underlying and application systems. As the world’s leading provider of financial infrastructure and technology in the field of crypto economy, Coinstore owns, a digital financial service platform with the world’s most coins, the most registered users, the best customer experience, and the most stable and safest technical structure, which makes Coinstore better fit the market and cutting-edge technologies.

Comprehensive Services and Extensive Products – Coinstore Labs, as a newly established venture capital and innovation incubation department of, will provide one-stop product & service system and blockchain solutions ranging from technology development to industrial application.

Global Team and Continuous Upgrading – Coinstore Labs team is located in the United States, London, Singapore, Dubai and other countries all over the world and has many team members with unique vision and innovative ability in the field of crypto currency. The global team will keep up with the development of the industry and provide continuous upgrading services for the project team.

Excellent Technology and Rapid Development – Coinstore Labs’ core technical team is composed of blockchain technical talents from the global TOP5 crypto asset trading platforms, who have rich experience in digital finance, blockchain technical development and network security protection. It can provide the project team with rich supporting documents, multilingual API and 7*24h technical support.

Services Provided by Coinstore Labs

Professional Consulting

Much of the time, project owners may have good ideas, but they don’t know how a project must be operated to turn a good idea into reality. Once a good idea is identified, it must be analyzed in a certain way to determine whether it is feasible and practicable. One of the services provided by Coinstore Labs is professional consulting, which offers a creative implementation scheme tailored to the project for each project owner, so that the creativity can better serve the project itself.

Additionally, current users want more sense of participation, which puts forward higher requirements for blockchain startups, including but not limited to preparing project operation plans in advance, producing various contents on multiple platforms, and enabling blockchain startups to get in touch with participants from different market segments, so as to build a large and diversified community and make more people interested in the use or investment of the project.

Coinstore Labs will assist the startup teams to make strategic planning, establish strategic management system, tailor-make marketing plan for the project, and provide professional consulting service to ensure “doing the right thing”. The professional consulting service mainly includes pre-project analysis and investigation, formulation of specific incubation plan, project compliance and risk control assessment, sorting of corresponding industry header resources, proposal of project white paper version upgrading, guarantee of safe offshore overseas structure, and list of legal risks and responses.

Technical Support

Coinstore Labs provides blockchain technical solutions in line with the business characteristics of blockchain industry, helping the team quickly develop personalized blockchain applications. The technical support service mainly includes official website development, NFT trading platform development, GameFi game development, development of public chain and encrypted wallet technology, DAPP construction and contract deployment, etc.

DAPP development: Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is adopted to realize the decentralization of financial transactions, and the trust consensus mechanism is guaranteed through peer-to-peer consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, and the application of smart contracts.

GameFi game development: GAME+DeFi, a mode combining games and finance, has financial products gamified and game props derivatives NFT denoted, which increases user interactivity and makes games more interesting.

NFT development: Items with different attributes are put on chain using blockchain technology, and unique statements are made accordingly, making the items irreproducible and helping NFT projects achieve digital economy.

Marketing Planning

The rapid dissemination of information on the Internet has undoubtedly brought convenience to our lives, which gives many investors the opportunity to quickly recognize the next blockchain project. However, in the meantime, the cycle of investors’ interest in a project has been greatly shortened. A project may be widely touted in the first month, but it could be completely forgotten by the investors in the next month. This is not sensational news.

To prevent your project from being left behind in the next new trend, you should always keep in touch with the existing users. For example, you may plan irregular marketing events through Telegram and other social media to communicate with project participants, constantly reminding them of the highlights of the project, what problems have been solved, and how they can benefit from supporting this blockchain project. In this way, project investors will be more likely to provide support for startups in the early stage and draw more attention for the project.

Coinstore Labs can set the marketing cycle according to the project needs and provide a complete full-cycle marketing plan, which mainly includes community growth plan, basic community interaction plan, RoadMap for overall operation of Telegram, Twitter, Medium and other media platforms, and detailed operation planning, including platform daily operation, creative and drainage activity planning, project brand building, simultaneous start-up of global community, high-quality VC docking to assist in raising, and docking of global publicity channels (matching the best publicity plan). The marketing planning team is composed of professional We-Media copywriters, creative designers from 4A advertising companies and professional 3D animation editors.

More services provided by Coinstore Labs are upgrading and iterating. If you want to cooperate or learn more, please send an email to Coinstore Labs at [email protected]. Social Media



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