iPeakoin launches CaaS solution to blend crypto with virtual cards

iPeakoin, a fintech institution that facilitates a seamless integration between financial and crypto infrastructure, recently announced the launch of its CaaS (Card as a Service), aiming to bring crypto-to-card payment solutions to the real economy.

The crypto-backed card emerged early on as an obvious solution to close the loop between the crypto ecosystem and the real world. It offers a great way to allow users to spend their digital assets (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) in the real world without needing merchants to directly accept them as a payment method.

Further, crypto-reward card programs also emerged as an interesting way to on-ramp newbies with lower risk appetite into crypto. As such, crypto cards not only bring great utility for end customers but also present an interesting opportunity for crypto companies to unlock new sources of revenue and increase user retention.

Aside from end users looking to spend crypto easily, fintech platforms can also benefit from streamlined compliance and increased efficiency. The payments industry is highly regulated and involves a significant amount of compliance management, which incurs a considerable operational cost for business owners.

iPeakoin provides a turnkey solution with all the components included in the issuing chain. It empowers developers to focus on building their product whilst being able to simply drag and drop or embed card components, without building a specialized compliance team or upholding a financial license to work with customer funds. Generally, this requires interactions with Mastercard and Visa, the banks, processors, card manufacturers, and all the technology and human resources in between.

“Having worked with and tried out nearly every single banking service provider out there, we found that overly complex flows and hundreds of APIs in fact causes more annoyance than providing any real flexibility. So we designed a simple set of API that allows for very specific functions, whilst ensuring that you can still achieve the level of customization and flexibility that you want”, said Michael, the founder and CEO of iPeakoin.

The CaaS introduced by iPeakoin helps crypto and fintech companies unlock innovative payment capabilities and develop better card functionalities for their end-users. With access to iPeakoin’s open API documents, companies can realize multiple use-cases and features involving cards, both for crypto and fiat with no region or nationality limits.

With iPeakoin’s merchant back-office, businesses can manage dynamic spending rules and card functioning controls, such as freezing, to prevent fraudulent payments and provide an optimal experience to users. Moreover, the managing actions can be all done via a user-friendly dashboard that doesn’t require coding knowledge to operate.

Blending crypto with virtual cards, CaaS allows cardholders to connect their cards to crypto and/or fiat balances. Expenses are debited at the time of the transaction, so there’s no need to pre-pay or make conversions beforehand. Extensive use cases are supported by iPeakoin cards – scheduling a trip through online platforms, shopping overseas, paying subscription services, social media marketing, advertising, and much more.

About iPeakoin

iPeakoin is a licensed FinTech platform that drives the innovation of crypto payments. It has now expanded its business to over 180 countries/regions, serving more than 10,000 companies in 2022.

Aiming to build a unified financial infrastructure of both fiat and cryptocurrency, iPeakoin creates a scalable Card-as-a-Service to bring crypto further into mainstream financial services and helps crypto businesses build stronger connections with end users.

In addition to its headquarters in the US, iPeakoin has offices in Hong Kong, Luxembourg, and Singapore, as well as partnerships with top-tier banks & financial institutions worldwide.

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