MedicalVeda Announces a Defi Based Medical Health Care Protocol

MedicalVeda, a Canada based medical-tech company, has recently announced a strategic partnership with ExMarkets — a leading launchpad for blockchain projects. Under this partnership, MedicalVeda will offer its native token i.e. MVEDA Token to the public who can purchase the tokens at a pre-defined price and be part of a blockchain-based healthcare revolution in the making.

The CEO of MedicalVeda i.e., Amir Neghabian, present at the occasion, said, “MedicalVeda leverages modern-age technologies such as Blockchain, DeFi, Big Data, AI, Cryptography, and Smart Contracts to address the healthcare industry’s challenges surrounding data accessibility, data ownership, and funding required for medical purposes. It provides patients with a Defi based p2p lending platform for getting capital for medical purposes while also granting them the authority to access and get ownership of their medical records and incentivize this data by trading it in a dedicated medical Veda marketplace.”

MedicalVeda is striving towards decentralization of finance in the medical and health sector while it also aims to offer products such as distributed Electronic Health Record (EHR) and decentralized data-management and data accessibility in the health care sector. With MVeda Token, MedicalVeda is the pioneer in tokenization and bringing decentralized finance (Defi) to the healthcare industry. By applying Defi based peer to peer lending, it not only enables patients who need capital for carrying out their medical procedures but also enables other medical practitioners to gain capital for their ventures. Moreover, the MVEDA token also serves as a medium for the exchange of value, while also enabling its holders to access MedicalVeda products and services. For clinical data, the Medical Veda platform offers permissioned accessibility from all over the world, not only for medical practitioners belonging to any country or medical institutes but to the respective patient as well.

It is important to note that in the existing healthcare systems, there is a growing need for something safer when dealing with the exchange of critical patient’s medical data and their healthcare. With the prospect of deploying this data on a blockchain-based architecture, MedicalVeda decentralizes the access to, and ownership of data, which in a literal sense makes it secured and foolproof. This way, MedicalVeda will help secure the data at different storage points while also enabling patients to access their medical information at any medical facility from all over the world. Furthermore, as the MedicalVeda platform features a data marketplace as well, it will allow patients to incentivize this data by selling/trading it across the marketplace.

As the second layer of the COVID-19 is still on the rise across the world, MedicalVeda creates a perfect opportunity for healthcare systems to move their heads in a much safer direction, which will sort out their inadequacies exposed by the pandemic.


Medical Veda aims to be the world’s leading open-source healthcare ecosystem that introduces decentralised finance and blockchain applications in the health sector while also enabling decentralized ownership of patient data, ensuring that all industry players get a permissioned access to their data in a seamless, secure and instant manner.

Token sales start on 28 Sep 2020
CEO: Amir H Neghabian
Toronto, Canada
IEO Link of MedicalVeda on ExMarkets:
Check out their website at

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