MetaHorse: New GameFi Project Turns Digital to Reality

New Digital Era

Discussions of the Metaverse are everywhere in today’s technology landscape. Apparently, the Metaverse has been expanding to affect everyone since the rise of blockchain technology. The impact of this environment is evident in everything from the rising demand & supply for NFTs, not to mention the transformation of Facebook into the new “Meta” brand.

While the concept of the Metaverse is growing in popularity, it remains a mystery for many people. Some define it as a virtual reality environment, while others describe it as a video game.

Rising Participation in Virtual World

Right now, there are a lot of user-generated content, virtual goods, and virtual environments in the gaming landscape, so it’s a good place for those who are excited about exploring this new virtual world.

The immersive, fully-accessible, and open nature of the Metaverse makes it perfect for recreating critical human interactions. MetaHorse could be a great example in the implementation of immersive virtual experience.

Where is MetaHorse heading?

MetaHorse is an upcoming horse racing game developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. The game was first announced in March this year and described as “a user-centric, NFT collection and horse racing game built on BSC network.”

MetaHorse, one of the earliest BSC network pioneers, combines traditional horse racing with blockchain mechanics to provide a distinctive gaming experience. Furthermore, with the high potential of a decentralized network, MetaHorse aims to offer a unique gaming experience, and it’s easy for people to visualize the result of the modern horse racing platform that MetaHorse can present.

One of the fundamental principles during the development of MetaHorse is to create an immersive virtual experience for anyone who decides to give it a shot. Therefore, the MetaHorse team put much effort into creating the “Horse Owner Journey” to create an incredible experience for each MetaHorse Owner. This approach allows us to establish a long-lasting relationship between NFT and the owner, which we don’t see much of in the current market.

Is the Metaverse a good thing to the world?

A Metaverse is a fantastic place where we can effectively play, communicate, learn, build and connect with anyone in the world. But, on the other hand, it makes the distance between us smaller and allows more opportunities into our ways.

If used correctly, the Metaverse could bring human beings together like never before—a brighter future we are all looking forward to.

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