Next-gen NFT platform Crypto Samurais waging war to secure financial freedom through crypto- launches presale with multiple benefits

Crypto Samurais is offering a bunch of attractive benefits with ongoing crypto presales.

December 21, 2021: A cutting-edge NFT platform is aiming to establish financial freedom through crypto that could bring in freedom from dependence on fiat. Titled “Crypto Samurais”, the next-gen platform has come up with unique customizable, audible Samurai Warrior NFT art collections that are armed, brave, and all set to conquer the crypto verse. The platform is currently running a presale on its Crypto Samurais NFTs that assures a wide range of benefits for the participants.

The Presale started on December 19, 2021, and will run until the first 500 samurais have been sold. Those willing to take part in the presale will have to participate Here:

Crypto Samurais Presale Benefits:

– 0.02 ETH discount for minting a Crypto Samurai – which means participants will have to pay only 0.05 ETH, in comparison to the public mint price of 0.07 ETH

– Minted Crypto Samurais will be worth 0.02 ETH more once public sale begins

– No hassle of public sale gas fee competition

– Exclusive opportunity to show early support for the Crypto Samurais

“While the traditional crypto and NFT platforms like Crypto Kitties or Doge Meme NFTs are no doubt great but they only capture the ‘fun’ aspect of the cryptoverse. But crypto is also about war- a war to gain financial freedom from unwanted dependency on fiat. This is where Crypto Samurais come in”, stated the leading spokesperson from Crypto Samurais.

“In a war, there are always bumps and curves and you need brave and powerful allies by your side to win the battle. The same goes with the crypto war. It’s such ethos that led us to create a state-of-the-art NFT which would be able to encompass both the ‘fun’ and ‘war’ aspects of the crypto world. And, Samurais are courageous, decisive, loyal, honorable, and can be brutal when necessary all the attributes you need to succeed in a cut-throat zone like cryptoverse. Besides, our Samurai NFTs are intelligently designed with interesting customizable attributes that you can change as per your preferences to make the whole experience fun and engaging. Thus, Crypto Samurais was born.”

Crypto Samurais has come up with 6 different types of Samurais- Women, Men, Undead, Aliens, Apes, and Robots. Layered in detailed artwork, each Samurai carries a unique story. After successful minting, participants will receive premium unique, hand-drawn, programmatically-generated Samurai NFT art which can be customized easily and heard.

Each Samurai NFT art comes with multiple attributes such as backgrounds, weapons, types, tattoos, hair, music, cloaks, masks, facial hair, and more. The Samurais also have their own unique music or anthem.

“We also have the concept of Clans here. Clans enable you to customize your Samurais’ background as per your specific preferences and also allow a way for our community to interact with one another. To make things more fun, clans can even challenge one another to see which one can top the other.”

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