Out of Space Set to Start Seed Round After Trading Terminal Launch

Out of Space

Out of Space is building a complete ecosystem that includes a trading terminal comprising CEX (centralized exchanges), and decentralized exchanges. Ed trading in one place and provides all opportunities of DEX and CEX. It uses all the advantages of existing DEX and CEX technologies and provides various tools to make trades. The platform is set to launch its seed round soon after a successful trading terminal launch. A user account with statistics and a display of all transactions. Interactive workspace with the ability to change the size and location of any block in the working space of the terminal.

The project offers the possibility of connecting personal wallets through metamask and connects wallet Interactive alert system, tracking other wallets, volume, and price spikes. Out of Space will constantly add new tools, improving our Trading Terminal. These are just some of our tools that will make trading even more convenient and profitable.

  • Public and private portfolios
  • Statistics of all transactions, the ability to filter statistics
  • Customization of charts according to users parameters
  • Panic sell button
  • The interactive alert system, tracking of other wallets, volume, and price spikes
  • Cluster volume

In the current crypto trading market decentralized finance (defi) has become the key market maker as its market valuation grew over $200 billion. Defi offers some of the most popular services and features such as liquidity farming, yield farming, instant loans, and many others. However, there are multiple defi and dex protocols for each use case and traders often have to juggle between platforms. This is where Out of Space swoops in with its combination of multiple defi services and includes all features in one place.

Out of Space Offers the Best of Crypto Use Cases

Out of Space offers the best of current market tools and trends be it Defi services or a very popular NFT trading marketplace. Non Fungible Tokens aka NFTs have become the hottest trend in the crypto ecosystem this bull season. NFTs rise has been quite similar to Defi where it has become a complete ecosystem on its own. Out of Space has built an NFT marketplace with the best conditions for the creators of NFT and the lowest commissions and a full description of all NFTs. 

Some of the key features of Out of Space include,

Trading Terminal: Combines centralized and decentralized trading in one place. No more no one will force you to choose between DEX and CEX.

  • Launchpad: Only the best, selected and passed due diligence projects in one place. Don’t waste your time monitoring the many projects that appear every day. Trust the experience of professionals.
  • White Listing Platform: For investors, offers passed due diligence projects. You do not need to monitor all the projects.  For developers, this is a great opportunity to declare yourself, if you have passed due diligence. Our Honest Random feature allows projects to choose the winners of the White List using blockchain technology.
  • KYC: By participating in various projects of our ecosystem, you will never have to pass KYC anymore and confirm your identity again, because we already know you and greatly value your time.
  • Crypto portfolio: An open and closed crypto portfolio for you and your followers, as well as a diary specially developed by our team. It will make you more productive step by step and bring you to a qualitatively new level of life and trading. Thanks to our tools, even a newbie can start trading successfully.
  • Native blockchain: We have created our own multi-layered blockchain that supports smart contracts. It will help developers to deploy independent dApps that can interact with each other. It is possible to make payments among different dApps on the blockchain and use common tools of the ecosystem.
  • NFT Marketplace: Out of Space NFT marketplace lists only the best NFTs after a comprehensive auditing and review process. The platform’s focus is on creativity and potential and offers the best conditions for the creators of NFT. Only the lowest commissions and a full description of all NFTs. Some people always need something, and others are ready to offer it. We made marketplaces for traders, investors, developers and job seekers, IT/blockchain employees.
  • P2P platform: For the convenience of our users, we have designed an internal cryptocurrency exchange service between ecosystem participants. Any user of the platform can discuss the best conditions for the exchange of digital assets. And the escrow service will ensure the security of transactions and the trust of the users.
  • Social network: Out of Space believes communication is the most important value for a person. People cannot live alone, they need to communicate, exchange information, and personal experiences. Out of Space has created a social network with a personal NFT page for each participant, and a messenger inside the ecosystem. Users can not only communicate but also earn.

Out of Space aims to become the gateway to all needs of a trader ensuring that they get all the services with top-class customer services. Being an all-in-one platform is not an easy task as it needs to be best at every feature that it offers, this is why many platforms fail to make it to the next level. Out of Space ecosystem focuses on one space and service at a time with a well-defined and experienced team for each. It could well become one of the most reliable NFT marketplaces and Defi services.

To learn more about Out of Space visit Outspace.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/outspaceio

Telegram : https://t.me/outofspaceann

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