Ovato Token – Brining Rewards to Users, Merchants, and Influencers


The currency world has shifted from barter systems to the new digital asset system or cryptocurrencies which are decentralized global currency systems standing on the pillar of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology creates an unaltered record of transactions and assets (publicly as well as privately based on business requirement) which enables the concept and dream of a decentralized financial system that is backed by consensus and lacks national or centralized agendas.

Bitcoin is the flagbearer of this new technology which has solved trust issues related to decentralization but it has not met success with regards to mass adoption. Ovato steps in to fill this gap with its digital asset coin where it endeavors to build an ecosystem by creating a suite of partnerships that aims at covering all forms of digital commerce that are prevalent in the centralized financial systems.

How Ovato Works

The Ovato coin is a completely decentralized, open-source global payment network backed by mathematics which creates a secure network where individuals feel empowered to take charge of their own finances. Ovato coin has been released under the MIT/X11 license that enables developers to run, modify, or copy the software. You could then distribute copies of the modified software as per your wish. The release of the software happens in a transparent process allowing independent verification of binaries and associated source code.

  • With Ovato coin, which is a peer-to-peer internet-based currency, you can instantly send payment to anywhere in the world with almost zero cost.
  • Ovato token is here to liberate the shopping industry worth 22 million USD as it aligns the interests of shoppers, merchants, and social media influencers in its private chain economy.
  • Users get rewarded for their everyday shopping with Ovato coins and get daily deals from not only local merchants but also national merchants. Merchants can save a huge amount of time by selling directly to users. Influencers on social media get rewarded for their participation and charity donations as a result of shopping.
  • Ovato coin is here to give Bitcoin a competition with a higher capacity to handle transactions as its network has more frequent block generation. With frequent block generation, its network can support a huge number of transactions which does not require any changes to the software in near future. This results in blazingly fast confirmation times to the merchants and also enables them to receive additional confirmations for larger ticket items.
  • The mobile wallet can be downloaded onto your mobile device, giving you better control over your Ovato coins. The wallet is encrypted which makes your Ovato coins safe and one needs to enter their security protocols to send or receive Ovato coins. This way your Ovato coins are protected from wallet stealing viruses and trojans. With the Ovato web wallet you can:
    • Send and receive OVOs in a matter of minutes.
    • You could do a private send or intra-sent.
    • Control the entire wallet from your desktop.
    • Rotating wallet addresses.
    • Send money to mobile phone numbers or crypto addresses.
  • Ovato coin comes with improved storage efficiency than any other leading math-based currencies. This is how you use your cold storage:
    • Use your favorite wallet app to start the transfer and utilize the QR read feature.
    • There is a public key on the reverse side of your cold storage coin which you need to scan and match the coin ID with the full public key to assure you have scanned the right address.
    • You could enter any amount of OVO (large or small) and authorize the transfer, and you are done!
  • It has a text wallet to text cryptocurrency instantly.
    • Ovato Text is an SMS gateway to the blockchain. Recipients of the crypto fund do not need to take any actions for receiving the money and the money is available to be spent immediately.
    • Using the text wallet you could send OVO to any phone even without an internet connection.
    • You do not need any app, accounts, or passwords to carry out the transaction with the use of a text wallet.
    • You just need to text OVO to any text-enabled phone for completing the transactions.
    • Through the text wallet, the magic of digital currency can be made accessible easily to new users through this tool.
    • Ovato text is the only tool that can work efficiently for underbanked people who have a phone with just basic features.
    • Some of the commands you could use to inspect your Ovato wallet through the text are “Balance” (to check the balance of your wallet), “receive” (to get your Ovato address), “Send [Ovato number] [phone number of the receiving party]” (to send ovato to another phone), and “Send [Ovato number] [Ovato address of the receiving party]” (to send ovato to another phone).
  • Ovato community is ever-growing and you can find support in the various forums like the Ovato coin forum, Ovato coin telegram, Reddit ovato coin, Twitter, IRC free node network, to name a few.
  • There are mining rewards with the Ovato platform. For each block, miners get a reward of 25 Ovato coins. This amount gets halved around every 4 years i.e. approximately 840,000 blocks. This is why the Ovato Coin network has a schedule of producing 34 million Ovato coins which makes it 4 times bigger than other currencies like Bitcoin.

The Steeping Price of Ovato Coin

The OVO token is listed on the WhiteBIT exchange and its price has risen from 2.25 USD to a whopping 8.95 USD in no time. The Ovato token aims to fix the rewards ecosystem and empowers the influencers through their social influencing activities and the bullish token’s price is predicted to increase manifolds in the coming years.

Learn more about Ovato and to follow all the latest updates :

Official website : https://www.ovato.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OvatoCoin
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OvatoCoin
Telegram : https://t.me/Ovato_Coin
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/ovato
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ovatocoin

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