Pando software, the reinforce messenger and game field through PANTALK and PANPLAY


PANDO Software Co., Ltd. plans to strengthen the messenger and game sectors and promote them more actively as interest in communication and personal leisure through smart devices increases due to the COVID-19 and the development of media devices.

PANDO Software is currently launching various services one after another while establishing a Pando ecosystem, and recently completed the launch of the Google Play Store of PANTALK, an SNS messenger. This service is a messenger that focuses on security and privacy through chat records, personal information encryption, and anonymous chat, and functions such as compatibility with Pandobrowser and QR code payment are also applied. Users registered in Single Sign-On (SSO) within the Pando ecosystem can use the same account to use the PANTALK service, and various Pando services such as Pandobrowser, PANMUSIC, and PANPLAY can also be used in conjunction.

In the game field, it has been continuing to launch consecutive games through PANPLAY and has recently introduced racing games “Pan Racing” and board games “PanMakgo.” Pan Racing is a mobile game designed to enjoy the thrill of repeatedly crossing checkpoints while avoiding traffic jams on the road and features familiar and easy gameplay for all ages to enjoy. ” PanMakgo” is a board game that is faithful to the thrilling touch and tension and is a game that can be easily enjoyed and played lightly, such as an easy interface.

An official from Pando said, “The launch of the Google Play Store went smoothly due to the faster-than-expected increase in users and good reviews of PANTALK services, and PANPLAY’s games also have a good portion of PANPLAY in the ecosystem and we will continue to update existing services and introduce new services.”

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