Soulmapes NFT To Launch A One-of-a-kind Bridge of Love in the Metaverse

Soulmapes NFT focuses on creating an inclusive community centered around love.

Soulmapes NFT, a NFT project that focused towards couples has announced that they will be launching the world’s first “Bridge of Love” in the metaverse. Derived from the famous Love Lock Bridge in Paris, Pont des Arts, Soulmapes NFT is aiming to build the same experience, but in the metaverse so that it can be easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Soulmapes is a one-of-a-kind NFT where you mint the NFT in pairs, so that you and your special someone will both own the same 1 of a kind NFT, creating a pair. Each pair of NFTs, are linked to a unique digital Lovelock, where you and your significant other can write (secret) messages to each other and lock it onto the Bridge of Love. The Lovelock represents your love and commitment towards each other, staying on the blockchain for all of eternity, for future generations to see.

Aside from this utility, what distinguishes Soulmapes NFT is that their exclusive community is centered around love. Created to uplift one another, share date night ideas, romantic memories, advice and much more. Currently, we’re geared to launch in March.

About Soulmapes

Soulmapes is the world’s first NFT project focused towards couples. Illustrated by female artist Celine Chan, she had this idea when she was in a long-distance relationship.


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