SpaceMine Token is now available for trading on Huobi

SpaceMine token, Mine, is now available on Huobi. 

SpaceMine, a P2E metaverse game where users mine various minerals from space planets and earn profits with those minerals, has been listed on the Huobi exchange, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, supporting over 1000 trading pairs and more than 600 cryptocurrencies.

Trading officially opened on October 3rd in the MINE/USDT pair on the spot trading platform. The project saw its token trending up from 0.023 USDT  to 0.16USDT within the first few minutes and now the value has stabilized at 0.072 USDT.

The listing is an important milestone for SpaceMine on its journey to develop its metaverse ecosystem and provide more mining experience to users. 
This will help bring SpaceMine’s vision to the markets and onboard more users into the metaverse game.

“We are excited to announce the token listing on the Huobi exchange and show our progress to people who have an interest in our project. We look forward to actively supporting the SpaceMine metaverse and providing additional value to the project for our users,” said Bred Na, the CEO of the SpaceMine project.

SpaceMine team is now developing their 1st mini-game called ‘SpacePang’, the game can be played in SpaceMine metaverse space, and it will be released soon. 

The exact date and time and airdrop event to celebrate the launch of their 1st mini-game will be announced through the SpaceMine wallet and official telegram community.

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