StarSharks $SSS Staking Becomes a Huge Hit Among Players

Gamification is critical to make NFTs and decentralised finance more accessible to the general public. The shark-based Metaverse, StarSharks, takes the notion head-on by involving the community at every point and establishing a long-term economic system. Non-fungible tokens provide up a world of possibilities, particularly in the gaming industry. The StarSharks team will continually release several in-house designed games with modular components in order to provide additional utility to the NFTs in this Metaverse. The ecosystem’s goal is to investigate the unlimited possibilities of NFT as a creativity infrastructure, to subvert existing content and value sharing structures with community co-creation and sharing mechanisms, and to restore community creativity and value.

The StarSharks team just added a staking feature for the governance token, $SSS. Users can acquire VeSSS tokens every day by selecting one of five different locking periods, each with a different amount requirement. Users can earn $SSS, $SEA, or $BNB incentives by staking $SSS. The staking pool pays out to all VeSSS holders. Users can choose from one month, six months, one year, two years, and four years as their locking durations. Users can get $SSS by buying it on exchanges, earning it in PvP battles, or referring friends. When a user has $SSS, he or she can stake it on the StarSharks official website’s marketplace’s staking page. After staking $SSS, users will be obtained  a veSSS equivalent on the platform. As previously indicated, users can choose from a variety of locking times. As a result, the amount of $SSS required to obtain the same number of veSSS for different staking lock-in periods will differ.  $SSS will be returned to the user upon unstaking at the end of the lock period.

StarSharks Brings a Content-Fi Metaverse Like No Other

The gaming industry is a multibillion-dollar business in which people invest but rarely if ever, receive a return on their money. We believe that the genuine worth of creativity in a community is undervalued and that this value has not been adequately communicated to the players who shaped the games and IPs with their time and imagination. As the name implies, the core of ContentFi is content, specifically the potential application sceneries of NFTs. The rarity, uniqueness, and universal awareness of NFT’s value all contribute to its value. Games are just one example of an application scenario in which users reach an agreement. NFTs can unlock more possibilities and enable more relevant and immersive experiences for users as more application scenarios are established, hence producing new value.

The underlying economy is powered by a sustainable dual-token economy system:

  • SSS: The governance token that authorizes stakeholders the rights to share the value of the StarSharks metaverse IP via DAO and the rights to define the future of the StarSharks metaverse
  • SEA: The game token for players to enjoy and build their own metaverse experience

StarSharks is a community-driven Metaverse, which means you may vote on the next game and decide the fate of your favourite StarSharks characters. The project will have initial in-house produced play-to-earn games to fire the community at the start of the StarSharks Metaverse, and yes, more games and rules that pass community votes will be released, bringing the total number of applications scenes of StarSharks in-game infrastructure NFT to six. 

Because the team always believes strong IP and solid content will grow beyond the first seed sown, StarSharks will also offer an open StarSharks SDK enabling other game developers to integrate StarSharks assets package, NFTs, and tokens into their own universe. The only restriction in the StarSharks metaverse is the player’s creativity.

StarSharks Ecosystem Highlight

Different forms of gameplay are available in StarShark Warriors: With its simple fighting rules and skill mechanics, the game is not only beginner-friendly but also thrilling and hard, thanks to the game’s limitless strategy options and battle maneuvering. It’s a game for beginners as well as seasoned players.

It is common knowledge that keeping gamers interested in earning in-game currency is essential. However, most games on the market make it difficult for regular players to receive acceptable benefits while putting in a significant amount of time, resulting in a drop in willingness to play and earn in-game currency. The SEA-created Shark Metaverse, on the other hand, is far more user-friendly. Each game has a different output concentration, but they are all interconnected, allowing regular players to focus on just one game and yet earn good money. A stable and closed-loop ecosystem is formed by mutual supply between games.

We intend to investigate more Shark applications in order to provide greater value to NFTs in a broader sense.

An innovative and long-term strategy for encouraging community creativity and returning content value to the IP’s creators. StarSharks will be a community-driven shark metaverse in which gamers, developers, and investors will be able to dictate the value growth of underlying NFTs in a long-term ecosystem. The majority of the cash generated throughout StarSharks’ growth journey will be returned to the StarSharks community in order to stimulate innovative ideas that will help to maintain the value of StarSharks’ IP and expand the StarSharks community.

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