The First Afrocentric Art-driven Token WakandaBurn is launching on Nov 21

The presale of WakandaBurn is starting at 17:00 (UTC) on Nov 21.

The first Afrocentric Art-driven technology token, WakandaBurn is set to launch on Monday, Nov 21, 2022, with pre-sale starting at 17:00 UTC on Nov 21 and going on till 17:00 UTC on Nov 23, 2022. 

This new token aims to provide support to African creativity and celebrate African history with the help of blockchain technology.

The community of WakandaBurn is known as the Burning Clan. By joining the Burning Clan, users can get exclusive access to fantastic giveaways, Black Panther NFT art, airdrops, and special access to the NFT marketplace.

So why must a user invest in this WakandaBurn project? The reasons are listed below:

  • The WakandaBurn project has been listed in 9 major cryptocurrency monitoring sites.
  • It is a fully audited contract.
  • The KYC has been fully completed and is readily available.
  • The entire management team is doxxed.
  • The team token is completely locked.
  • 80 percent of the funds raised from the fair launch will be sent to liquidity.
  • WakandaBurn has SAFU Badge. It is a first in Africa and means the investors’ funds are insured.
  • The liquidity will be locked for two years.
  • There is no room for a pump or dump.
  • The smooth withdrawal process from the staking platform.
  • There is a bot detector and eliminator.
  • Trynos has developed this project which is a significant achievement.
  • 400 000 000 WKB token has already been burned.
  • Any earnings from the staking platform are paid with WakandaBurn tokens. It is done from the 200m WKB token that is reserved already.

The Burning Clan Community (Wakanda Burn Community) is building something huge from Africa to the world. By joining The Burning Clan Community, a user will not only participate in building a better Africa but also be changing their financial narrative through the various opportunities the team has created.

The users can stake their coins on the Money Minting Platform (MMP).

For more details, visit: (Join The Community)

Presale starts: 2022.11.21 17:00 (UTC) 

Presale Ends: 2022.11.23 17:00 (UTC)

About WakandaBurn:

WakandaBurn, the first Afrocentric Art-Driven Technology Token, will soon be released. With the aid of blockchain technology, this new token aims to foster African creativity and commemorate African heritage.

Media Contact:

Business Name:  Wakanda Burn
Contact Person:  Okeson
Email: [email protected]
City :  Lagos
Country : Nigeria

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