Why We Invested In Qardcoin Token?

It has passed 30 years since the advent of The Web. E-commerce is now at 20% of all retail and growing exponentially every year. Behind its success are a handful of companies like Alibaba, Ebay, Amazon and other E-commerce giants, all trillion dollars companes. But also some small retailers are grabbing big profit through Shopify and with dropshipping.

We are talking about trillion dollar companies. So how some new player can become a success in this world of E-commerce giants. Idea behind is simple, with their blockchain payment gateway they are planning to connect all big retailers and after some time and small retailers and bi one place of shopping on the Internet, what makes experience even more interesting is that they are planning to do it also for Metaverse, and give a people real shopping experience in their Qardcoin Portal Mall where your avatar can virtually go shopping and buy real world goods in virtual world. And this is just grabbing the surface of their roadmap and plans till the end of 2023 year.

Qardcoin will act as a universal shopping site for any E-commerce in Qardcoin Network, so in real life this means you will be able to buy any product from Alibaba, Ebay, Aliexpress, BangGood, Wallmart and other big and small retailers just going through Qardcoin site or Qardcoin Pay smartphone applications. Everything will be fully automatized, Qardcoin protocol is doing that hard work for you. Qardcoin protocol will give you best prices and best conversion rates.

Currency Qardcoin exchange protocol (CCEP) will find the best rates for conversion to Qardcoin Token automatically and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other to Qardcoin token through their blockchain platform.

Qardcoin reinvents the E-commerce buying experience with a blockchain payment gateway, a decentralized product and merchant credibility + review system, and worldwide logistics with door-to-door delivery. Acting as a central purchasing and delivery node to traditional online marketplaces and e-stores, Qardcoin will achieve instant scalability with thousands of brands and millions of real world products available for purchase at no markup and transparent exchange rates to the crypto community.

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