X-Cash is listed on the Dragon’s Syrup program from QuickSwap Exchange!

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X-Cash is a community-driven project providing the toolbox for the next stage of the web: Privacy when needed; Transparency to achieve compliance and Decentralized anonymous governance. X-Cash, a fork of Monero was founded during the bear market in August 2018, it didn’t undergo an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) round and has been a self-funded project ever since its inception.


The FlexPrivacy functionality of X-Cash allows users to decide whether they want their transaction to be broadcasted publicly or obfuscated. Since they switched from a Proof of Work (PoW) to a customized Delegated Proof of Private Stake (DPoPS) consensus, users are able to stake their XCASH while keeping their stake unlocked.
XCASH is listed on five exchanges and will reach more audiences with its listing on the Dragon’s Syrup program from QuickSwap Exchange! This program is a liquidity incentive where anyone can earn $XCASH by staking dQUICK in a staking pool. You will also be able to earn LP farming rewards by providing liquidity in the XCASH/QUICK pool, rewarded in $QUICK. 

Liquidity rewards are some of the most lucrative forms of earning opportunities. This is an incredible opportunity and a giant step for X-Cash, as it will bring XCASH into the hands of more people, as well as bringing liquidity to the project. Also, DPoPS itself is offering an interesting ROI that should not be overshadowed!

X-Cash DPoPS Makes Staking Private and Secure

The DPOPS ( Delegated-Proof-of-Private Stake) is a brand new and unique protocol that focuses on privacy. The protocol offers a range of privacy features that include,

  • Privacy Flexibility: One single wallet on a single blockchain can be used to perform public and private transactions at the discretion of the users. This enables anonymity to be used when privacy is needed, while allowing for transparent transactions when required. 
  • Privacy Swap: Always putting the user experience first, X-Cash is the first blockchain to offer this feature with such a high level of ease from the user perspective.
  • Secured & Unfalsifiable: Private and public transactions are cryptographically signed in large fixed ring-sized transactions.

The X-Cash Public Network is governed by 50 delegates through a custom Delegated Proof of Stake consensus designed on top of the Monero technology, the Delegated Proof of Private Stake (DPOPS).

  Secured by the top 50 elected delegates: Anyone can run an X-Cash node and become a delegate. But to be able to forge new blocks, secure the network, and earn the block reward, you will need to be voted into the top 50 by other members of the community.‌ 

  Staking & Voting: The delegates are elected by the community. Each person can attribute a stake of a minimum of 2M XCASH to a delegate to represent a weighted vote. Additionally, the voters’ stake never leaves their wallet thanks to the use of cryptographic reserve proofs; you stay in control of your XCASH at all times.

  Improved security: Using a DBFT communication system to guarantee a 67% consensus, and a verifiable randomized selection of a block producer to avoid delegates targeted attacks, everything has been implemented to improve the security of the network.

X-Cash has since the beginning of the project brought new innovation to the privacy coin space (notably FlexPrivacy, public & private transactions on the same blockchain, from the same wallet). They even have more to offer: X-Bank, WXCASH, X-Payment, and a great enthusiastic community.

X-Cash Liquidity Program and LP Rewards

XCash announced the launch of its Liquidity Program in association with QucikSwap Dex. The program is prepared in partnership between Quickswap and X-Cash, each providing $300k worth of coins to sponsor $XCASH and $QUICK liquidity. Users will be able to provide liquidity on the XCASH/QUICK pair, get rewarded with the pool fees and with QUICK provided by Quickswap, and stake dQUICK in the Dragon’s Syrup pool to get more XCASH!

With the Dragon’s Syrup, more people will be able to learn about X-Cash and the project.

Liquidity Mining: Provide liquidity $XCASH/$QUICK and earn $QUICK in return.

  • Reward: $300k worth of $QUICK
  • Start Time: September 8th, 2021
  • Network: Polygon
  • Reward duration: 60 days

Staking: Stake $dQUICK in the X-Cash Dragon’s Syrup pool to earn $XCASH.

  • Reward: $300k worth of $XCASH
  • Start Time: September 8th, 2021
  • Network: Polygon
  • Reward duration: 60 days

To learn more about X-Cash visit xcash.foundation, read the blog https://medium.com/x-cash or join the great community at discord:https://discord.gg/4CAahnd

Important Links:

X-Cash Website: https://xcash.foundation

Blog: https://medium.com/x-cash

Community: https://discord.gg/4CAahnd

X-Cash Documentation: https://docs.xcash.foundation/applications/wxcash

Swap X-Cash in the X-Bank: https://x-bank.io

Quickswap Exchange: https://quickswap.exchange

X-Cash Delegates Explorer: http://delegates.xcash.foundation

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