Zed Run NFT Live Giveaway

One of the biggest recorded NFT giveaways is happening in March. So hold tight as this is going to be a huge giveaway event.

USD 10K Worth Of NFT Giveaway

Metahorse, in partnership with Zed Run, is giving away special NFTs worth more than USD 10,000 exclusively to the MetaHorse community only.

  • Four special editions Zed Run NFTs
  • Each NFT has different rarities and models
  • Exclusively to MetaHorse community to celebrate the collaboration between two digital horse racing projects.

How to be the chosen one?

Before the actual event happens, there’s only one thing you must do in order to be part of this giveaway: Join MetaHorse Telegram. That’s it.

For more details on how to be chosen, it will be announced at the live giveaway event within the Telegram community. So be prepared and join the Telegram Group now!

Why the giveaway?

It’s not an easy task to build a unique project like MetaHorse. The team needs to go through much work and overcome an uncountable amount of obstacles. It’s like constantly working under immense pressure and living in uncertainty.

However, as you can see, the team managed to pull things together, and the project is now growing rapidly. This giveaway is merely a way for the team to thank those who are actively helping us build the project and community. We couldn’t do it without the help from you guys.

That’s also why we are so obsessed with delivering a “user-centric” outcome to our fellow supporters and communities. We, instead, have not started the project at all if it’s not for the people holding our back.

Future incentives & prizes?

The team is also working on creative ways to add more incentives to help build our community and grow the platform even more.

And just to tease all of you with what’s to come, the Zed Run will not be the last prize we will give away. There will be many more exciting NFT giveaways, so stay tuned!

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