1irstcoin(FST) the Leading exchange Aggregator commences its IEO on P2PB2B.io

1irstcoin(FST) setting the trend that the stock market never had. 1irstcoin tokens ( FST ) already achieved a positive ROI of over 2000 percent on the connected trading venues in 2019. This makes FST token , one of the most successful placements in the current financial year. With the FST token, you do not only benefit in terms of price gains, but rather, our company distributes almost 90% profits to the token holders in the form of encores. 1irstcoin is currently conducting an IEO on https://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/FST/1 and it comes with a perfect bonus of 25% bonus. 


1irstcoin is a powerful search engine for cryptocurrency just like google is for information. We are very unique and our search engine enables you to search the best order for over 150 cryptocurrencies and in partnership with bestrate.org.  BestRate is an aggregator of crypto exchanges and crypto gateway. The problem of owning multiple accounts across many exchanges just because you are looking for the best price of a coin/token has been solved by 1irstcoin.

Technically, we work with more than 130 exchanges. User can integrate personal or business crypto exchange accounts to trade across multiple exchanges, see aggregated portfolio or transform crypto exchange account into a crypto gateway. If it’s needed to exchange a large amount of crypto currency we provide you with trading bots and smart order routing algorithms to do this at the best rate.

1irstcoin is fully licensed and has the ability to carry out financial and consulting services. Visit our website to get more updates https://1irstcoin.com

1irstcoin(FST) is also on coinmarketcap already trading and the aim of the IEO is to refinance already existing projects and also finance projects already launched like the 1irstgold. 1irstcoin(FST) has one of the best idea on the crypto space and it is really speaking and displaying.

The 1irstcoin tokens serves as shares for holders to benefit from the company dividends and is shared as profit among all token holders. 1irstcoin LLC in this context progressed to launch its first utility token which is 1irstgold;

The GOLD token is the first token that can be exchanged for physical gold. Apart from this feature, the GOLD Token can be traded in a couple of days on the prestigious and EU regulated crypto currency exchange p2pb2b.io

Our gold token is based on the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each token embodies the value of one gram of fine-gold. The GOLD Token can be exchanged for physical gold with a minimum of 100 tokens at selected Gold Dealers at any time.

We are different, because we create a New Gold Standard.

Be part of it.

1irstcoin also has other products as stated in its general whitepaper, the 1irstcoin remains shares and 1irstcoin holders are also seen as 1irstcoin shareholders which depicts that profits, price gains etc also goes down to token holders in form of encores.

Website: https://1irstcoin.com

Contact Us : [email protected] or [email protected]



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