Alpha x – A decentralized e-commerce platform for cryptocurrency business.

Nowadays cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology are highly attracting people attention. Blockchain is slowly becoming the keystone of all latest innovation and possesses the prospective to transfigure the whole world. Seeing this potential entrepreneurs are involving themselves in creating striving and capable Blockchain projects, so that new, rapid and unspecified cryptocurrency with varied functions. Alpha X is one such project, which is a completely new generation cryptocurrency that stands on script utilizing an entire Proof of Stake network. This project has assembled an expert team of entrepreneurs and experienced investors to form a Blockchain exchange platform that will be a marketplace for customers having a desire to get high returns on investment. It will develop a user-friendly system that integrates the old market system with the Blockchain depended on features.

Alpha X project main aim is to create a simple but perfect application that would bond sellers and buyer and highly motivate people to makes sales. There will be no limit, all kind of transaction limits will be removed and it will function with zero commission. It’s a PoS protocol that facilitates the crypto coin holders to obtain bonuses. By utilizing the Blockchain technology all the shortcomings of the traditional system will be overcome and it will be as good as the virtual cash like credit cards and debit cards. It can be easily used in real-time liquidity and offers an effective plan in the market.

All transactions that are made on the Alpha-X Blockchain network are quite instant and take place in real. They are completely anonymous and are highly secured. The whole business will take place on the Alpha-X decentralised system self-administered framework. It keeps an aim to alter the complete scenario of the utility tokens, by using the Blockchain technology. When this technology is united with an innate, user-friendly interface, a whole new height of trust and enthusiasm will be made in the crypto-currency community. This will facilitate people in using a completely new utility place with a high level of confidence as well as excitement.

To increase the currency value and not to limit its use only to trade and speculations, the team of developers will launch their marketplace. Here people can sell their goods and services for AX coins. In this marketplace, everything will be carried out directly between the supplier and the buyer. The marketplace for this project will be named as MYLAXX and it has been planned to launch it on the 1st of August 2019.

Have a look at some of the important features of the Alpha X project.

  • Alpha X currency (AX coin) – It is a fast, secured and unassigned cryptocurrency, that is backed by PoS technology. The main purpose of the AX coin will be utilized within the marketplace. Thus you are getting a utility currency with more advanced functionality.
  • Alpha-X wallet – It is a highly safe application for storing your funds and operates on Windows, Mac and Linux. It makes use of QT technology and all recent security standards.
  • Alpha-X mobile App- This app will facilitate the users to have all coins at hand. It is easy to carry out transactions just by choosing the recipients firm the address book. The application is very simple, easily understandable and instinctive.
  • Alpha-X market – Here everybody will be offered with all tools to make their online store where goods of any category will be available but they have to bargain for AX coins.
  • Alpha-X debit card – This can serve as an effective payment tool for another different type of stores. The whole team of this project keeps confidence in AX coin liquidity and will offer its consumers with a tool that will keep no boundaries in their financial capabilities.

How will cryptocurrency Alpha X benefit more in comparison to its competitors?

  • It will feature maximum system decentralization and has the plan to remove the human factor completely from the project management.
  • It offers a high level of security and encryption, which the creators are pretty sure will exceed the high level of anonymity on the whole dash network.
  • It will have his marketplace where all trade associated with AX coins will take place.

Thus, we can say that Alpha X cryptocurrency project seems highly motivating and if its team of creators successfully bring the project to end, then it is surely going to be very popular, that too not only among traders and investors but also common people. It will help both beginners and expert analysts.

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