All-In-One Digital Wallet Metapocket To Bring Gamefi To The Masses

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Video games are nothing new to the world – in fact, many teenagers all over the world probably went through a phase of fighting with their parents over wanting to play video games. The belief was that “video games will just ruin your brain and you can’t make an income with it”. However, over time, being able to earn cash through gaming slowly turned into a reality with e-sports and competitive gaming; even then, it was still quite a revolutionary idea. Now, with blockchain gaming being introduced to the world, the concept of Play To Earn (or P2E) gaming is slowly being proliferated.

Now, the idea of video game players who can earn an income through playing is not only not shunned, but even celebrated with GameFi.

GameFi or P2E is the monetization of gaming by making use of blockchain technology. The way it works in the GameFi world is that players can earn and trade digital assets within the games that can be converted into actual cash for them in the real world. The income that can be generated through GameFi can go up to a few tens of thousands a month, or even more.

There are many ways GameFi has manifested in the world. An example of a popular blockchain game is Axie Infinity, the blockchain game with the highest market capitalization in GameFi at this point; players train up their Axies (think pets), battle other players or bots, and get rewards along the way. Another one would be Decentraland, where players live in a virtual world and earn NFTs in-game that they can trade, and even trade their tokens to earn returns. On the other hand, there are gaming guilds like Yield Guild Games (YGG), a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that invests in NFTs used in blockchain games and virtual worlds, or the metaverse. YGG makes entering the DeFi space easier by lending NFTs to its community members so that they will have a stepping stone when they start their GameFi journey.

However, despite all its evolutions, there are still many barriers to joining P2E that could impact the growth of value within the GameFi industry. These include having to have complex wallets that make cashing out earnings difficult, a lack of being able to track earnings across games, or even finding an appropriate blockchain game to play.

Having been in the GameFi industry for a while and understanding these pain points, the creators of MetaPocket decided to come up with a one-stop digital wallet for GameFi users to simplify and consolidate their GameFi process.

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According to their website, MetaPocket is a digital wallet focused on the GameFi industry that supports multi-currency, multi-layer and cross-chain transactions. It supports major trading platforms including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, NFT platforms including OpenSea and Rarible, and other GameFi apps like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, YGG and much more. There are three main features in the app, the Game Discovery feature, In-App Game Browser feature, and Yield Farming feature. In Game Discovery, you can find your favorite blockchain game; in the In-App Game Browser, you can interact with any blockchain games; with the Yield Farming feature, you can stake any supported GameFi token and start receiving yield.

With MetaPocket, you can send, receive, and earn various tokens without any technical knowledge, and operate multiple assets across multiple networks easily. This is how MetaPocket aims to simplify GameFi to not only bring in the masses, but make it easier and more efficient for current GameFi users as well.

Apart from being an efficient and easy-to-use GameFi wallet, they also have a utility token METAPK that allows users and develops to enjoy certain functions or perks within the MetaPocket ecosystem. It simplifies the job of both gamers and developers alike. In fact, this is also a way that users can earn apart from their day-to-day gaming when they get more comfortable with the ecosystem – you can choose to sign up for a package with MetaPocket at where BUSD funded in can be used to purchase METAPK tokens to be burnt. Following which, the dApp will then increase your mining power, and you will begin mining METAPK tokens daily. These tokens are then available to sell on DEX like Pancakeswap without any sales tax incurred; you can even boost your mining power with referrals.

MetaPocket is indeed an app set to grow and improve the GameFi industry. If you’re looking for a good digital wallet to support your GameFi journey, you can head to to start earning from gaming and growing your yields.

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