Altcoins Will Rise Ten Times Over the Price of Bitcoin – John McAfee

Bitcoin just crossed $12k and continues to soar higher in price. Amid cheers and jubilations among the crypto enthusiasts and investors, some experts have different views about the current market trend.

One of such is the British-American Programmer and businessman, John McAfee who is noted for his staggering forecasts about Bitcoin.

Mcafee sees beyond Bitcoin rising, now directs his predictions towards the altcoins. In his latest tweet on Bitcoin current surge, the programmer believes altcoin will soar ten times more as Bitcoin crosses the $12 mark.

McAfee believes altcoins will be the real winner and where the money is, he encourages his followers to “fill their bags” with the new bounty.

He has been famous in his predictions which he does, stating the exact time he expects it to happen. Not long ago he equally predicted that Bitcoin will hit $1 million by next year or he would eat his d*ck. Sounds so bizarre but that was to prove he believed what he was saying.

Presently operating from Cuba, Mcafee plans to launch his own crypto which he called “Freedom coin”.

Bitcoin hit the $12,000 level early this morning, trading at over $12,800 at the time of writing, increasing by 11% in the last 24 hours. After breaking $10,000 this week, Bitcoin crossed the $11,000 line within a short time.

In an interview with the Bloomberg, the CEO of Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert stated that the present trend looks like we are coming out of a crypto winter and have now entered a crypto spring.

All the prognostications would likely stir investors to focus more on altcoins.

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