CEFA: The Defi Solution that Brings Best Earning Opportunity through a Single Token

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DeFi emerged as one of the growing choices of investors over the past couple of years. Passive income opportunities are seen as one of the biggest attractions of this part of the crypto ecosystem.

However, with its rising popularity, DeFi has also become a chief attraction for scammers, making it most susceptible to different forms of attacks ranging from external hacks to rug pulls. With personal money at stake, it becomes quite critical for investors to trade in trustworthy projects with great returns. CEFA or Crystal Elephant Farm (CEFA) offers all the consistency, variety, and flexibility one needs to profit in crypto today.

CEFA is the evolution of DeFi – truly one token to rule them all. Unlike some of these fly-by-night tokens with ridiculously high token supplies, CEFA’s modest 100 million total supply promises 20 years’ worth of monthly airdrops to holders; dividends to the CETO Blockchain Family of existing tokens; locked liquidity with burnt LP tokens (can’t rugpull if there are no rugs!); and robust yield farming with plenty of staking opportunities for your tokens. With every transaction earning rewards, dividends to CETO, providing liquidity and burning the

token supply, CEFA is designed for scarcity and longevity.

Some of the key befits of CEFA includes:

  • More passive income through monthly airdrops, reflection, & upcoming CETO Bonds
  • Ability to stake and yield farm with dedicated token supply to farming tokens
  • More transactions and dividends for B/E/CETO holders
  • Works with CETO Foundation games & products
  • Helps finance bringing CETO Foundation products to market across all three chains
  • Future SaaS for gaming tokens with lottery, dice, card games, and more
  • the exchange token for a future DEX launchpad for gaming tokens
  • 5% of token sale to save the elephants!

What makes CEFA the Perfect DeFi Choice

There is a new DeFi project every other day promising high yields with big investments but, ultimately, fail mainly due to their inherent, mathematically based liquidity crisis. These so-called mooncoins with trillions in supply often fail to move ahead of their early goals because of a liquidity trap of their own making. Featuring excessively large, one trillion-plus token supplies that automatically provide liquidity, these tokens’ profitability is impossible to sustain long-term.

If you get in too late in these sub-penny spec plays, you will watch the tradable token supply grow to the point it drowns out the value. Yes, they may also be deflationary at the same time but there will not be nearly enough burned to balance out the auto-liquidity – nor enough demand to sustain the rocket-like returns the earliest investors received (and lured you in with). If it’s not buying into a pyramid scheme, then, at best, it’s buying into project quicksand.

On solid ground, CEFA provides plenty of reasons to hold and take profits. After the 20M of the Initial Farm Offering (IFO) tokens, there will only be about 30-35 million tokens available for the next few years, quietly providing reflection, divs, liquidity, and yield with every transaction. With a twenty-year plan, burned LPs, and a team that’s not going anywhere (only 1.5% in team tokens, distributed in quarter chunks every 90 days), you can buy into CEFA at any stage of its lifecycle and watch its scarce supply harvest abundant returns.

The Sound Tokenomics

In a time when projects are launching with trillion tokens supply cap, CEFA is focusing on quality rather than quantity. The project has a total supply of 100 million out of which 79% are locked for burn and airdrops. Out of this locked 79% or 79 million CEFA tokens, 24.4 million tokens have been reserved for monthly airdrops, where 100,000 CEFA would be distributed among existing token holders. 12.3 million has been locked for their upcoming investment instrument CETO Bonds, while the whole the remaining 12.5 million would be contributed toward the CETO Blockchain Family tokenholders in accordance with activity in the contract.

The broad token distribution is as follows:

  • 4M: Monthly airdrops
  • 20M: Initial Farm Offering supply
  • 20M: Fertilizer Bag account
  • 5M: CETO Blockchain Family
  • 3M: 90-day bond funds
  • 4M: Yield farming
  • 2M: Community support/Marketing
  • 2M: Locked liquidity
  • 5M: Team
  • 3M: Development fund

The 10% transaction fee consists of:

  • 4% automatically compounded into holders’ accounts (“reflection” rewards)
  • 2% burned to the “Fertilizer Bag” dead account
  • 75% goes back to CETO Blockchain Family (CETO, ECETO, BCETO) holders
  • and 4% provides liquidity on PancakeSwap (2% BNB, 2% CEFA)

Once the IFO sales allotment of 20M tokens is sold through, CEFA will seek to list on several exchanges and set up pools for yield farming. There are 1M tokens available to yield farm per 90 days for the first year. With the addition of each new farm, the CETO Foundation will notify the community of where you may stake your tokens once pools are set up and liquidity has been provided to trading platforms.

The project is currently conducting an Initial Farm Offering (IFO) through public sales where 20 million of these tokens are up for grabs. To provide additional value, transaction fees will be kept at 0% to facilitate the IFO process. Also, to ensure a fair price with proper price appreciation for all IFO holders, the project will be providing the locked liquidity (with burned LPs) after its five-stage series IFO token sales.

To learn more about CEFA, please visit cefa.crystalelephant.net

Twitter : https://twitter.com/CEFAToken

Telegram : https://t.me/CEFAOfficial

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/CEFAOfficial/

Discord : https://discord.gg/Qek3eMeHDk

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