CPI Technologies Launch Blockchain Platform for the Development of Secure and Scalable Solutions

CPI Technologies is a decentralized software firm providing blockchain solution development services to companies and individuals alike.

CPI is based in Germany and helps clients develop, deploy and maintain financial and blockchain systems.

Combining IT and Marketing
CPI Technologies provides clients with professional marketing strategies that are integrated into software development, according to the customers’ needs.

CEO of CPI Technologies, Maximilian Schmidt stated that:

“In the last few years, we spent much effort and funds on developing our software suite, based on a rock-solid, compliant double-entry bookkeeping to provide our customers the framework to scale up big, handle huge traffic and also to cover vital questions of security. My phenomenal developer team built up very sophisticated mechanisms for processing huge amounts of crypto coins in a very secure way.”

CPI Technologies offers customers a holistic and robust service that enables them to save costs on marketing. The firm has created a special workflow that makes its job easier. This includes:

– Planning and Analysis

– Architectural Design

– Software Implementation

– Testing and Integration

– Marketing and Promotion Strategy

– Launching

– Measure and Optimize

The CPI Advantage
CPI Technologies offers users a vast array of blockchain development services including:

– Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform: This is a major product for the firm. CPI Technologies creates a high frequency, customized exchanges for fiat, crypto and tokenized digital assets. It’s empowered by a compliant double-entry bookkeeping and robust KYC/AML modules.

– Payment Service Provider: With a highly functional user-friendly Point of Sales (POS), clients can set up a payment platform that supports both crypto and fiat. The POS can support both online and offline modes.

– CPI Marketing: This provides users with an integrated marketing system

– Digital Media marketing

– Social Media Marketing

– Sales Strategies

– Organic and Paid Traffic: the platform employs methods such as SEO and paid traffic campaigns from large advertising platforms like Facebook and Google.

About the Founder
Marvin Steinberg is the founder of CPI Technologies. He’s a marketing professional with vast experience and success stories.

In 2016, Marvin created a blockchain service provider whose primary objective is to make it easier for aspiring blockchain startups to reach their funding goals, securing more than $250,000,000.

“Since its inception, CPI Technologies has delivered successful projects, one after another. My team has more than 47 completed projects that have processed more than 32,000 BTC and helped increase sales by 182 percent through analysis, split-testing and continuous optimization of the customer experience,” he said.

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