☐ CREEEPS is one of the first NFT collection PFP, entirely generated by the Midjourney AI on the Solana Blockchain. Every piece is a 1/1 and created with an accurate selection of prompts, many variations and post produced with PS and Lightroom.
The CREEEPS arise from several folklore Horror cultures and tales all over the world and some of them will reveal Horror stories. Inside every story there will be “hidden” hints, to discover and collect. These hints will be redeemable for special giveaways prizes such as: $SOL token, more NFT, WL spots and more. What will happen once the story lines are all revealed and combined will be disclosed in one of the next trials inside the Discord Asylum. Expect some terrible experience in the Metaverse, more NFT side collections airdropped and a full contamination of Creeepiness.


☐ With CREEEPS we would like to have a steady and organic growth in our community, therefore we are considering dividing the collection drop in more rounds and have the first one by the beginning of September. We are planning a total supply of 3333 pieces and release the 1st round with 200 CREEEPS for 0.1 $SOL each, progressively the supply and cost of the following drops will increase. (You know what they say about early birds 👻 ).
After the 1st collection the story lines of some CREEEPS will be revealed and we will focus on giving back to holders with giveaways.
Afterwards a 2nd collection is already in development, and it will be airdropped to CREEEPS holders.
Finally, we will develop a Horror Experience in Virtual Reality inside our planet in, what we believe is, the best VR metaverse out there: SomniumSpace*. This is our initial and main roadmap.
Our focus is to give back to CREEEPS holders by airdropping most of what comes after the 1st collection to them and stimulate, in this way, the secondary market.
With, hopefully, a flourishing secondary market our roadmap will expand with more services and utilities in order to achieve CREEEPS long-term mission of becoming the ultimate Horror and Creeepy Digital Experience.


☐ We are still developing, and we would love to receive any kind of suggestion from you! CREEEPS is, in fact, an AI Experiment and we really don’t know how the market will react to this sort of NFT collection because there is not any example like this yet. We have utilities and airdrops planned and you can check inside our Discord Asylum to get a clearer idea. More detailed docs and a website are coming soon.
The Artworks for the entire collection are almost ready. There are leaks on the Twitter page and there will be more! Also, we are contemplating on which marketplace list the collection and would love to hear your opinion on our social medias.

4. WHO ARE “WE”?

☐ We are a small team of four people: two entrepreneurs, one website designer, and one artist. We all have known each other for a long time, but we are willing and looking to expand, we will post soon on our Discord Server what roles we are looking for. We have some confirmed Ambassadors that we will reveal in the next weeks.

We are building CREEEPS to be durable over time, and to stand and bring more audience in the Solana NFT space. To do so, we believe that it is essential to focus on engaging with the community, bring added, monetizable, value to holders and execute these two things promptly! The first drop is planned for September 2022. Everybody has a Creeepy side… will you embrace it or run away?

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