East2 technologies to transform Nauru Airlines future using blockchain

East2 is pleased to announce that Nauru Airlines, a leading international airline in the Central and South West Pacific, has signed an agreement to join the East2 Partner Development Program (PDP). The PDP program helps transform current airline models to better engage with travellers whilst generating new revenues.

East2 is setting out to transform the business model between airlines and their travellers by flipping the demand model, rationalising the supply chain, and creating a unique airline/traveller marketplace of value and relevance.

“We realised that in the 20 years of the internet the traveller booking experience hasn’t evolved to the same extent as other leading online retailers. Booking travel is fragmented, time consuming and frustrating for travellers. Airlines’ current models force them to compete on price rather than generating value. We are re-inventing the business model between airlines and their travellers – putting travellers in the centre of the booking experience to optimise engagement and generate airline value using new technologies that provide opportunities not previously available.

We are delighted to welcome Nauru Airlines into our Partner Development Program that allows Nauru Airlines to contribute to our airline solution suite development and have the option to be a launch customer”, says Stephen Bartlett-Bragg, Co-founder East2.

“East2 is creating a unique airline solution suite that will allows us to change our business model. Excitingly, it is their unique airline/traveller marketplace that opens the potential for our travellers to be recognised each and every time they travel. This occurs in a decentralised marketplace they will also help us to eliminate costly administration processes and time. This is a very powerful proposition for airlines”, quotes Richard Miller, CCO, Nauru Airlines.

East2 is a team of airline and travel technology specialists who in 2000 developed a proprietary airline internet booking engine that continues to power major airlines around the world today. East2 is re-inventing the digital traveller booking experience, as well as the airline value generation model. https://east2.global/

Nauru Airlines has been flying the Central and South Pacific for over 40 years, providing access to pristine and untouched corners of the world including: Nauru, Kiribati, Marshall Islands and The Federated States of Micronesia. Our network connects the Central Pacific, which covers Nauru, Honiara, Brisbane, Nadi, Tarawa, Majuro and Pohnpei. https://www.nauruair.com/

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