Founder’s Interview: Gauthier Bros of Atayen Inc

Recently, in an exclusive interview with Gauthier Bros, the CEO and founder of Atayen Inc, where they developed an online advertising using the blockchain technology, shared his journey on how he builds Atayen Inc.
The company was developing a blockchain based Online Advertising Solution, the SaTT Token which currently on ICO stage that was about to end after fundraising takes almost 2 years.
 Here is a summary of part of the interview.

1/ Mr. Gauthier Bros, please start by introducing yourself and share your past experience with the viewers.

Passionate about new technologies, I created an IT services company in 2008. As our clients had difficulties paying for our services following the consequences of the 2008 crisis, we decided to focus on developing applications for Facebook with Stéphanie Clément, Caroline Pourchier and Geoffrey Moya in 2010.

From there, we created the first Facebook live streaming application, the contact form for company pages as well as the iframe apps technology that allowed us to add any web content to facebook tabs.
In 2014, we decided to open ATAYEN, Inc. in the United States to commercially exploit these applications.
We gathered a little more than 4M users until 2017 when we decided to rotate, Facebook launching little by little native solutions competing with our solutions and restricting more and more our ability to intervene on the social network.
2/ What inspired you to start with Blockchain? How did you feel about this new technology?
Although during my journey I was informed several times about the potential of the blockchain, I was not directly aware of it, as many certainly were. I let wonderful opportunities slip away, I was too focused on the development of our historical products, one can’t do everything unfortunately.
In 2017, we launched a reflection in the team in order to propose a new solution to our users, in this case we need a tool to exchange visibility on social networks, the equivalent of an improved affiliate platform. During our study, we came up with etherreum’s smart-contract technology that could allow us to keep a decentralized account of advertising performance but also to allow the exchange of value around an ad on cryptocurrency units, from here, SaTT had just been born.
The more we advance in development, the more we realize the tremendous scope of blockchain technology, it will not just revolutionize advertising as with SaTT, but also our way of tracking food, holding assets … we are only at the beginning with its hypes and FUDS. I don’t think it’s as big a revolution as the internet revolution, but certainly a lot of the traditional businesses are going to integrate the blockchain in their process for the next decade.
3/ So Online Advertising and blockchain can mix. Moving forward, how is your SaTT impacting the world/your clients, especially your company, Atayen Inc? 
Atayen Inc company is where all the talents starts. I am very proud to share my work with Stéphanie Clément, Caroline Pourchier, Geoffrey Moya and Samir Ksibi on a daily basis, we have been working together for many years now and I think that, like team sports, and having a good cohesion as a team is very important especially as we all have our qualities and with our field of expertise, a strong core that has allowed us to face these last 2 years particularly difficult for those who work in crypto.
Also, Atayen has a user base of more than 4M companies and individuals all around the world thanks to our facebook products, which will help us when our products are successful enough to be used by everyone.
We are working to make the blockchain accessible to many people as possible and we expect to be a major player in the adoption of the blockchain in the next 3 years.
4/ Can you please explain to us in a few words what the SaTT token is? Describe it’s pivot point.
SaTT is a decentralized application that allows you to create or participate in an advertising campaign.
To make it very simple, it’s a bit like a market cash register that weighs tomatoes, instead of tomatoes, just imagine facebook, twitter, instagram posts or youtube videos, the smart-contract calls an oracle that certifies the number of views, likes or shares of a post and the smart-contract calculates how much the advertiser owes to the publisher, and proceeds to the payment automatically.
5/ What will be the benefits of using SaTT to run an advertising campaign on social networks? 
The advantages are numerous, you will be able to quickly manage the participants in your advertising campaign by validating the influencers that interest you, you will be able to pay the publications according to the performance of your users in complete transparency and thanks to the ethereum network make instant and automatic payments to your publishers.
6/ Fantastic. Now you can say SaTT is no longer a startup, it is a “scaleup”. Now, Can you tell us what your current job with SaTT entails and in point can blockchain and smart-contract be applied to and which concern you the most?
I am therefore the CEO of Atayen, SaTT being an Atayen project, I hold the same position for this one. On a daily basis, in addition to the CEO responsibilities such as answering interviews, representing the company and managing it, I try to be as close as possible to the team by defining our objectives, even testing our products and services every day and doing some time as customer support to find any defects and improve our product.
To date, we have developed a wallet, the SaTT, a decentralized exchange, this experience and these products will certainly allow us to place us on the subject of security tokens especially since the “pact” law in France seemed to open a breach for adoption. We could then release a 360 solution that would allow our users to use a single product for the management of their digital assets. Yes, as you can see we’ve got a lot of ideas but for now we remain focused on SaTT.
7/ How is the ICO going so far? what is the most important thing prospective investors should know about your company?

Having launched the ICO in May 2018, I can assure you that we had a lot of difficulties, especially since we decided not to cheat. At the time of the interview we are at a little over $1.3M raised, which is not that much considering our objectives. Very quickly, we proposed to our community to reimburse them because we hadn’t managed to reach the soft cap in the allotted time, our community reacted very well, we had very few claims and thanks to this we were able to continue the development of our solution.
Many projects measure the success on the sale of tokens, sell it by making their users expect a higher value, on our side we are proud to have held our roadmap, today the SaTT allows to promote products on facebook, twitter, instagram or youtube, our users can transact directly from our interface easily without the need for third party solutions such as metamask. We are confident about the adoption of our solutions and hope that in a slightly more mature market than the one of 2018, this will help us sell SaTT and reach our hard cap, if not, we will burn some tokens and continue our roadmap accordingly, with the aim of further developing our partner network using our SaTT product, and make SaTT the new standard in online advertising.
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