GCA CALLs Blockchain making Smart Locks genius, IoT with ERC777

GCA’s mission is to develop products and services that will facilitate usability with a strong focus on security and provide engaging education to boost user confidence in blockchain technology.

The Global Crypto Alliance, alongside its pillars GCNews, GCSecurity, and soon GCAcademy, successfully proved out its concept of a new way to control IoT devices. GCSecurity developers activated the functionality of ERC777 via CALL token in the early stages of GCA’s hardware development and enabled a simple smart lock to become brilliant via the blockchain. We added a microcontroller, memory, and some other hardware in successful efforts to work with ERC777-based smart contracts to make the device genius.

It now listens to and can be controlled by GCA’s CALL cryptocurrency!

These developments will bring many valuable use cases and applications to be facilitated in unique & economical ways by sole means of CALL. One of many business cases is to allow hotels and their clients to more easily manage hotel reservations and put the safety, security, and reliability of the blockchain into sensitive IoT hardware.

After we did a conservative calculation, if we can address just 0.001% of the 3,000,000+ hotels globally and engage 30 hotels to use our tech, where CALL is the utility token to manage it all, there would be a need & demand for CALL worth $546,000,000 per year.

Book your hotel, pay in our app with CALL (or any cryptocurrency that will be offered from Alliance partners – exchanged into CALL in the backend) which would then be sent to the lock´s ETH address. Due to our smart contract (DAPP-friendly), all information can be sent to the lock e.g. duration your “key” works, etc.

This real world scenario would save time and prevent stress while travelling, reinventing the check-in/ check-out processes by management through smart contracts. Of course, GCA KYC’s your sending address in advance. In addition, this brings more security with immense savings in administrative & maintenance costs to hotels and other hospitable vendors since no longer are centralized servers needed.

Other real world use cases include, but are not limited to, the rental industry like scooters, cars, lockers, and many, many more.

GCA’s mission is to develop products and services that will facilitate usability with a strong focus on security and provide engaging education to boost user confidence in blockchain technology.  We are progressing swiftly toward these goals with this hardware that will aid in the inevitable global adoption.

++ LIVESTREAM time & date ++
For YOU to test it yourself live, we will host the first livestream on GCA’s Twitter via Periscope on Feb 19, 2020 from 17:00 to 19:00 GCT (GlobalCryptoTime.com) // second livestream will be on Feb 20, 2020 from 3:00 to 5:00 GCT – use CALL to move the lock yourself. You CALL it! Join our Telegram group to get all details: t.me/GCALL777

Click the link to read more about CALL, the first ERC777: https://gcalliance.io/

Watch our prototype in action:

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