In a World Where the Apes Are Bored and Punks Are Crowding Crypto, Nft’s Finally Grow Up.

The Guy On The Couch [Club] is the first self-care that does good when it does well.

What do you get when you mix global work-place burnout with the common couch and then add white-hot NFT phenomena to the mix? The Guy On The Couch [Club]! Minting 4/15/2022 on the Solana blockchain at, The Guy On The Couch [Club] is the first ever “self-care” NFT reminding everyone that it’s ok to take a break once in a while and you can look pretty cool while doing it!

Most people will remember The Guy On The Couch as the slacker stoner from the comedy classic Half Baked. But this isn’t an NFT for slackers. Even though The Guy On The Couch [Club] is made up of ten thousand guys lying on ten thousand couches, they represent a myriad of hopes, dreams and hustles.  They are just taking a much-needed break from the grind to mentally reset. This project, much like The Guy On The Couch in the film, is here to lend support when it’s needed-no judgment.

“With mass resignations and overall burnout happening everywhere, we thought the NFT space would be the perfect platform to address the mental aspect of self-care. Especially in the creator, entrepreneur and “hustle” spaces.” says CJ, the creator of the project who recently struggled with burnout. “Through social media, so many people are pressured to do more, be and be seen more but they are also hitting a wall. We wanted to let everyone know, in a fun, non-judgmental way, that it’s ok to just stop for a while and do nothing and take the stigma out of not being seen going 100mph at all times.”

This project seeks to do good as it does well. In addition to free merchandise branded with holders own NFT’s, holders will also have exclusive access to forums from leaders in business, technology and mental health as they share their insights, coping strategies and best practices for unplugging in an always on world. Once all funding milestones are reached, holders can submit mental health charities they’d like a percentage of the proceeds to go to.  The Project goes live April 15, 2022 on the Solana blockchain and can be minted directly from

“This project is a bit more serious than what’s normally presented in the NFT space.” Says CJ. “But if we can make something as simple as taking a moment into a movement, then it’s worth the big swing.”

About The Guy On The Couch Club

The Guy On The Couch [Club] is the fever dream brainchild of CJ, a guy who was literally on his couch, recovering from burnout while working in tech, when the idea hit him. The team that helped bring it to life are dozens of friends, advisors, designers, coders and assorted straight shooters. That team is now The Guy On The Couch [Club]. We hope to welcome you soon.

Twitter @guyonthecouch77

Instagram @theguyonthecouchnft


Email: [email protected]

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