Is this the start of Alt Season? BSC Fan-Favorite X10 Legends XTL Hits All Time High

X10 Legends

Being well-known for being the “first mover” and a catalyst for an incoming alt season, Ethereum’s price rally is indicating the time for DeFi and Altcoins to shine is well on its way.

Capitalizing on Binance Smart Chain’s $1 billion accelerator fund’s momentum and close collaboration with the Binance Ecosystem, X10 Legends recently introduced its clan function, which allows players to team up and increase their battle power. The game token, XTL, reaches an all-time-high price (ATH) of $5.45 after its clan update is being released. Its initial listing price in October was $0.10.

Wider adoption for NFT and play-to-earn games are also a catalyst for X10 Legends’ growth, as more and more names in the gaming industry starts to join in the gaming revolution.

With its dedicated marketplace, NFTs and blockchain technology, X10 Legends’ NFT cards and assets are more secure and represents the players’ true ownership.

Tom Leung, founder of X10 Legends, said, “I’m extremely thrilled by the popularity of our XTL token. This validates our game and vision and I’m excited to see our users being delighted by opening their loot boxes and receiving their childhood heroes and legends.”

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