Kryptox is a new generation cloud stooging and file sharing network, designed to revolutionize the next generation of web 3.0.


The storage service operates by first encrypting a file and then fragmenting that file and broadcasting it across eighty or more user drives for repetition. If one part of a global network is slow or not maintaining the standard for downloads or uploads, the service automatically selects different routes with higher bandwidth.

If more than a thousand users want to view a file stored on the KRYPTOXCloud Service, then it can be divided up into 200 or 300 pieces by using dynamic caching. It can then be dispersed in a broader global pattern.

Developers and users can enter a waitlist to check out the platform and use KRYPTOX’s network to start with existing cooperative applications. The site has a native library with various popular bindings, including Go, Swift, Python, .Net, Android, and Node.js. for users who want to take benefit of advanced features such as integrations. 

Users can upload files through KRYPTOX gateway. Non-developers can still take advantage by signing up on KRYPTOX website and getting an authorization token to operate a storage node.

The node will remain in a probationary status for the initial 20 days as the company will measure performance for response time and uptime. Over the first nine months, KRYPTOX will also hold back a portion of a node operator’s profits until they have been thoroughly vetted to become a regular part of the network.

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