Nexxyo Labs Launches BambooDeFi – with an Initial Exchange Offering

Bamboo Defi

On the first day of Christmas, Nexxyo Labs launches its first DeFi project with an Initial Exchange Offering on CHAINX, which will last over a month.

For those who don’t know what a DeFi is, just think about all the inconveniences caused by bank services and how happy you would be if you wouldn’t have to deal with them.

DeFi systems work with smart contracts, all your data is encrypted, and nobody can block your account out of nowhere. That’s because they got rid of third parties, so all of the transactions are now just between you and your trading partner.

It does sound good, doesn’t it? Then, let’s see how you can join the Bamboo platform!

What would you need to know about the IEO event?

  • BambooDeFi is built on the ERC-20 platform, which means you just need to connect your Metamask, Walletconnect, or Trust Wallet in order to enter in the Initial Exchange Offering.The event will take place in three phases:
  • I – 25th of December to 5th of January – when the Bamboo token will be €0.30;
  • II – 6 to 16th of January – when the Bamboo Token will be €0.40;
  • III – 17 to 30th of January – when it will be €0.50.

After the IEO, crypto users will find on the platform the following trading pairs:

  • BAMBOO – WBTC.Each of the Bamboo pairs can also be traded for ETH.

Who is Nexxyo Labs?

  • Nexxyo Labs is a Spanish developing company founded by Daniel Valdes. The BambooDeFi project was created with the purpose of making the best out of crypto so that we can be completely financially independent.The team of Nexxyo Labs is composed of 14 smart and creative members that launched a lot of projects in the last couple of years. Video games, web designs, business applications; nothing is too much for them. When they see a great business opportunity, they get to work right away. So there is no surprise that they also entered the crypto sphere.As for future plans, the company plans to create a card for Bamboo Tokens and to collaborate with AuroraCryptoMachines for its own ATMs.

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