NFT Projects in 2022 – Cooking Up A Perfect Storm

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is having a moment, and one of the most exciting new trends is non-fungible tokens or NFTs. An NFT is a data unit stored on blockchains that can be sold or traded. These tokens can be used as a speculative asset because each one is unique, setting NFTs apart from other crypto units. The digital files can be photos, videos, audio or a custom image.

Here, we take a look at some of the top and exciting NFT projects that are cooking up a perfect storm in 2022.

Puff World

Puff World is the life work of famous Peruvian 3D artist José Arias and has become one of the most anticipated projects to launch on the Solana network this year. He is known for his work in the advertisement world and collaborations with major players all over the world, but Puff World is José’s passion project. With a prestigious and famous artist like Arias behind their creation, owning one of the 10,000 fur bombs truly means owning a piece of pop culture.

The digital wizard emphasizes how his excessive knowledge about digital art’s collectability played a role in the designs, and the highly relatable and unique characters prove his point.

Due to the massive interest, Puff World is currently exploring an animated series for Puffs and licensing Puff Merchandise globally. Coming next is a P2E Game and Metaverse arena launching in June 2022 in Unreal Engine 5, including staking NFTs in the metaverse.


If you’re looking for NFT to buy within the ‘metaverse’, then Decentraland is worth considering. Put simply, Decentraland is an open-world blockchain-based play to earn crypto game in which users can create in-game avatars and buy plots of land. The intriguing thing is that these plots of land are structured as NFTs – meaning they can be traded with other users and monetised. This has seen Decentraland become home to many of the most popular NFT games.

The Decentraland world is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, although it uses MANA instead of ETH as its native currency. Thanks to the rise in popularity of the metaverse concept, Decentraland’s in-game items have become incredibly popular, with ‘land parcels’ being highly sought after. Users can purchase these land parcels through the Decentraland Marketplace or OpenSea – with one specific piece of land going for nearly $50,000!

By using the best crypto exchange, investors can purchase MANA and use the currency to buy in-game items. Aside from land parcels, investors can also purchase art, apparel, weapons, and more. Ultimately, as Decentraland’s world expands and gains popular appeal, these NFTs could rise in value – making them some of the best NFTs to buy in 2022.

Women Rise

Even as NFTs gain massive popularity, one thing is for sure- the NFT or crypto world, in general, is not as inclusive as it is supposed to be. Women Rise therefore came up to rectify this fact by coming up with 10,000 randomly generated collections by decorated artists Maliga Abidi.

The project has contributed to the NFT world by making it more inclusive and diverse, thanks to a number of women characters. A generous portion of the sales is also channeled to projects focusing on girls’ education, gender equality, and mental health campaigns in many sidelines societies.

It is worth noting that these characters are all incredible, even though some are rarer than others. The collection creator used more than 453 hand-drawn traits, including backgrounds, scarfs, hair, eyes, lips, accessories, badges, clothes, makeup, and skins.

Even though the collectibles are 100% sold, we hope the creators will come up with more soon. The roadmap came up immediately after its launch, with a pre-launch stage featuring a pre-launch virtual event where several talented women artists gave speeches on NFTs and art. 


Chronoface is a NFT watch project that revolves around the concept of non-fungibility and digital scarcity. In addition to being easy to purchase online, their prices are transparent – which gives a true evaluation of their value. To serve the different markets, the Chronoface team developed a wide collection of face designs and works with various brands and artists.

With the demand of smartwatch coupled with skyrocketing watch prices, Chronoface aims to create exclusive digital watches with luxurious designs comparable to the physical watch market, if not superior to that of a physical watch.

With the emergence of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and NFTs heralds the arrival of Web3 and promising to transform how businesses conduct and interact with their customers, Chronoface proposed a global marketplace for NFT smartwatch users to buy, sell, and trade content anywhere in the world. In the future, it is also expected that their NFT will also be used in the metaverse, allowing users to wear their watches and explore Chronoface’s storefront in their avatars.

In staying, serving and incentivizing holders for futuristic watch development and production for NFT smartwatch users, the Chronoface NFT application will be available on Android and iOS devices, allowing users to pair their NFT faces with almost any smartwatch. Each watch face is unique, can only be owned by one person; essentially connecting the physical and digital world for all walks in life.

Soul Dogs

Founded in August 2021, the aptly named Soul Dogs is inspired by retro culture, blending funky vibes with 3D art. It is built on a marriage of NFTs and Decentralized Finance or DeFi. The Soul Dogs City metaverse is browser-based and allows users to explore and own high-quality NFTs through engaging experiences. The 3D tokens are enhanced with traits such as retro jackets, 70s hairstyles, throwback NBA jerseys and a healthy dose of odes to the iconic music and movies of the 80s and 90s.

In this part of the metaverse, users live in a digital Dog House and rack up revenues by sending your Soul Dogs on jobs to earn $BONES tokens. The project is spearheaded by a community-controlled decentralized autonomous organization or DAO. Yet it is a democratic community as all $BONES token holders can vote on initiatives proposed by other owners and community members.


Taking advantage of NFTs early on is essential because they are here to stay. Artists and collectors are already making millions from digital art, a possibility that you can also enjoy provided that you understand how NFTs work. Stay tuned for our future articles if you want to understand how these NFT projects work and make something from your investments.

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