Pando Software, Launches Pando Ecosystem Configuration Service ‘Pan Racing’ Game


PanPlay of Corporation PANDO Software has newly released a new racing game called ‘PanRacing’ for all ages.

Pan Racing is a mobile game designed to allow users to repeatedly cross checkpoints and enjoy thrills while avoiding traffic jams on the road. It contains a number of fun factors that can increase pleasure by acquiring bolts or other boosters while driving and also allow you to earn money while driving and upgrade your item car using them.

You can learn how to play the game with a tutorial before the game, and the increasing pressure to reach the next checkpoint allows you to play the game with high immersion.

“Pan-Racing” is also expected to play an important role in the game ecosystem as Pando software is currently building a game ecosystem designed to enhance user convenience and accessibility and make appropriate compensation based on user contribution. Recently, it also released mainnet, which is a core service for the market ecosystem.

Pando Software’s Panplay is operating a variety of games, releasing ‘PanMakgo’ prior to the game racing, and is actively being used in the U.S. and Canada except for Korea. In addition to PanPlay, ‘PanMusic’ allows users to play music without copyright issues, Along with existing SNS functions, there is ‘PanTing’, a compensatory SNS that can receive additional compensation based on activities such as platform operation time, posting, and comment writing, and ‘PanTalk’, which is designed to use online messengers more safely and actively, form a game ecosystem.

Panplay has announced that it will release various games in the future, which will be announced through its official SNS channels.

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